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At pulsd, we only work with merchants with yelp reviews of three stars or higher, and the majority of our merchants are in the four to five star range. We find that we can trust these merchants to provide exceptional experiences to our customers. We work hard to build lasting partnerships with each of our merchants, designing one of a kind promotions and experiences that will be most enjoyable for the pulsd community.

We believe that yelp is a very powerful tool for consumers, and provides value to merchants as they work to build their brand and increase their reach. We have found that merchants with three stars or above are generally good businesses. We also understand that it is completely normal for most great businesses to have a few negative reviews regarding refunds or not being able to receive a refund. We do not discriminate among merchants based on a low percentage of negative customer reviews regarding refund policies.

While more than 99% of our members use our service and operate ethically and within our Terms of Service , we have unfortunately heard of a few instances in which certain members attempt to strong arm merchants into ignoring the fine print stated on the promotion, by threatening to write a negative yelp review. We do not believe that yelp should be used for this purpose, and anyone that we find to be engaging in such behavior will have their account terminated.

Below, we have listed a number of yelp reviews from merchants we work with. Our goal is to highlight the different use cases for yelp, as well as the way in which pulsd plays a prominent role in connecting businesses with new customers. Please bear in mind that each of these reviews is reflective of an independent businesses with a unique promotion redemption and refund policy, and that it is our objective as a company to help merchants design promotions and craft solutions that are most beneficial to their needs at the time.

1. Proper West:

"Great brunch at Proper West! We stumbled upon the place on the Pulsd site, and it did not disappoint! Our waitress and multiple servers were very polite and attentive. The drinks were flowing during our bottomless brunch, and the sangria was a fan favorite our table. No complaints whatsoever - The food and drinks were perfect! We will definitely return in the near future for another wonderful afternoon of fun!"

2. Penthouse 808:

"With the Pulsd voucher a Friend and I enjoyed a lovely evening at Penthouse 808. When we first arrived the view hits you as it is truly breath taking. The waitress was very accommodating and pleasant."

4. Bared Monkey Laser Spa

"I purchased a great deal with Bared Monkey Laser Spa through the pulsd app... The spa itself is super clean. Every time I go, they usually take care of me right away, and the ladies who work there are super nice and professional. I would 100% recommend this spa for laser treatments!"

"I purchased a deal on pulsd a year ago for one small and one large area and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made."

"I had purchased a pulsd voucher initially and since I loved the business I decided to become a member"

3. Pinks:

"We came here for their NYE Open bar event, which was part of a Pulsd deal... They put up decorations for NYE which were great for insta. The staff was very friendly as were the patrons."

"Came here on a pulsd deal and have nothing but good things to say! Our deal included 2 entrees plus unlimited cocktails for 2, for 2 hours. The cocktails were very tasty, as was the entree!"

4. Kimoto Rooftop:

"I bought the open bar through Pulsd, it was worth it . My favorite were the Parmesan fries! I LOVED THEM! Cute place in downtown Bk. So glad I found it."

5. Badshah:

"Amazing indian food, cocktails and service. We purchased the pulsd deal they offer. It was a great value."

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