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Looking for a great experience? We’ve got you covered. We have reviewed the best restaurants, bars, spas, fitness studios, and more that this great city has to offer. Our mission is to help New Yorkers find great events without breaking the bank. The team at pulsd does extensive research on the latest and greatest and brings everything together under one platform, so that you don’t have to spend too much time sifting through reviews. Explore all New York City has to offer whether it’s fun free events such as open bars, or pop up shops, or fun discounted experiences such as wine tours, festivals, bottomless brunches and spa days. We have got you fully covered in all aspects of entertainment so gather your friends & family and start planning some fun.

Our members consistently provide positive feedback from their pulsd experiences. We are thrilled to see them reviewing our partners on platforms such as Yelp, Open Table, and Trip Advisor which we highlight for your review in our promotions. We also recognize that things happen, in which case a purchaser can no longer use their voucher which is why we link to our refund policy in our terms of service which we link to at the bottom of every page.

Ultimately, it is not our decision to issue a refund on a voucher, it is at the discretion of the underlying merchant. If you have found this page because you were looking for a refund, credit, or extension then please read on to determine if your case will be eligible for a refund of any kind, or contact us to discuss further.

1) $49 Ticket To An Event: A member contacted us a few minutes after making a purchase for an afternoon session to a wine festival. This festival had two sessions - an afternoon and an evening session. The member who contacted us did not want to be refunded. They simply wanted to switch from the afternoon to the evening session, given that they accidentally selected the wrong session. We were happy to accommodate this member as they contacted us very shortly after the transaction took place and the organizers of this event were flexible with letting this member switch to the correct session.

2) $29 Bottomless Brunch For Two: One month after making their purchase, a member contacted us to let us know they did not want to go to the restaurant they made their purchase for and wanted to go to another venue instead. Given that we were currently working with this merchant, we were able to refund this member.

3) $39 Kayak Tour: After purchasing a kayak tour voucher the member wanted to book their experience for the very next day. The date was sold out. When we spoke to the merchant, they explained that since the voucher is valid for 3 more months they would not authorize us to issue a refund.

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