[For any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@pulsd.com]

Personalized customer service is always on our radar to provide an excellent consumer experience. You matter to us, and we are New Yorkers who want to support other New Yorkers in experiencing the city on a new, accessible level. Customers feel connected to our brand and our pulsd customer support representatives.

Whether customers call the pulsd phone number, send an email, use snail mail to the pulsd address, or touch base on social media, our customer success rate has earned us amazing customer reviews on Yelp and an impressive 4.9/5 Stars on the Apple App Store.

The customer service team can help provide you with answers and comfort knowing that you are actually speaking to a human - be it over the phone or via email, we prefer human customer service and customer support - no robots, no automated responses, just friendly, patient, attentive people.

5 Star pulsd Customer Service Reviews:

07/22/2019: "Best deals"
I have used Pulsd for 5 years and have never had a bad experience! The deals are really good value and the service from the Pulsd support staff Lauren has always been professional and response to inquiries prompt.Thank you Pulsd. I never dine without a Pulsd deal.

12/24/2019: "Excellent app and customer service."
There was an issue with the iOS app not working after the latest update. Wrote to support and expected to hear nothing for ages and instead within 1-2 hours had contact from pulsd. They found the bug and fixed it. Kept me informed the whole time and surprised me with a small credit to my account. They didn’t have to do that but I really appreciated it.

01/31/2020: "Must have for New Yorkers."
This is my first review ever. My friends and I love to go out to eat and drink. Pulsd has helped to introduce us to lots of new places and events and most of the deals are 50% off. It’s very easy to use. The places I’ve visited with Pulsd have been awesome experiences. Also now I’m able to go out even more because we are getting such good deals with Pulsd. Just download it and you’ll see. Also, amazing customer support!

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