[For any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@pulsd.com]

Customer care is one of the most important aspects of the pulsd experience. In addition to providing you more affordable access to the city’s best restaurants, events, spas, and more, we also pride ourselves on a uniquely personable and individualized customer service approach.

When you contact pulsd via our email (support@pulsd.com), our phone number on your statement (or by emailing us your number if you haven’t made a purchase), and even by snail mail to our address, you will get a human response. No matter what day or time, you can expect a pulsd customer service representative to get back to you promptly. Be it questions big or small, we’ve seen it all and will always find a solution that best fits your needs. Customer success is our number one priority.

Customer satisfaction and success will always drive pulsd’s customer service to continue to serve with the utmost care and attention to detail. Phone calls, emails, and letters are answered by a friendly pulsd customer service representative that is passionate about helping you enjoy pulsd and all that we have to offer.

We are also very proud of our exceptional customer reviews:

5 Star Google Play Store Review by Joseph V: "A fantastic app, outstanding deals, and great customer service. I had a problem with expiration dates, emailed Customer Service using my smartphone, and in 5 minutes (not an exaggeration) I was contacted and problem solved...no questions asked!"

5 Star Google Play Store Review by Neil F: "Pulsd blows away any other similar service and their customer service is exceptional!!"

5 Star Google Play Store Review by Jay L: "Great deals on a variety of outings and excursions and events. Very cool. And very cool Customer Service. I had a problem with a place closing down. I contacted them through email. I thought I was going to take a loss. They responded quickly and promptly. They were courteous and professional."

5 Star Apple App Store Review, Marco C: "This app gives you great options for excellent experiences. Also, the customer service is the best that I have seen from a company in a long time. They really care about you and what you go through. Get this app and go to the events because you won't regret it."

Contact Us:

Pulsd Support & Pulsd Customer Service Email Address: support@pulsd.com

Pulsd Phone Number: please refer to the number on your credit/debit card statement after making a purchase. If you have not made a purchase, please email support@pulsd.com with your phone number and we will promptly call you.

Pulsd Mailing Address: 568 Broadway, Suite 603, New York, NY 10012.

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