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We’re proud to work with hundreds of New York City merchants, bringing them new customers who frequently contribute exceptional reviews. We love sharing these reviews to give prospective customers an idea of the pulsd experience, and we encourage our customers to generate and share feedback after an experience with any of our merchants. We are constantly working to improve every part of the pulsd experience, and responding to reviews is just one of the ways we can incorporate feedback to better serve our customers.

Every month, we work with a number of different merchants, selling thousands of experiences around New York City. As a result of the high number of transactions we process, and the numerous factors that go into the production of each experience [some of which are out of our hands], we understand that not all experiences will be perfect.

Here are a few reviews from some of the great merchants we are proud to work with:

Rabbit House 5 star reviews include:

"Got a deal on pulsd for Rabbit House and it was amazing. Would happily go back for the short rib and the rabbit."

"This is THE perfect date restaurant. I went with a couple friends and used a Pulsd deal, but I was very impressed with the level of service and the quality of the food here."

Monk Mcginn's 5 star reviews include:

"Great place in TriBeCa! I came here on a Pulsd voucher twice for their bottomless brunch. Both times I thoroughly enjoyed myself! They kept the drinks flowing, and the vibe was welcoming and joyous."

"Got the Pulsd deal and it was totally worth it and fantastic. Food came quick and drinks were strong and delicious. There was a huge variety for drinks. There was a drink that came in a teapot! Very cute."

Messlook Hair & Spa 5 star reviews include:

"I bought a Pulsd massage package for my sister's birthday and she loved it. Very flexible with booking appointments. She told me the massages made her feel amazing."

The Black Ant 5 star reviews include:

"Did the Pulsd deal. Awesome brunch, totally worth it! Definitely coming back even at normal prices."

"Came here with a pulsd deal and it was such a great experience. The atmosphere was fun and service was friendly. The prices are extremely reasonable especially considering the quality of the food. Definitely coming back."

The Bari 5 star reviews include:

"What a beautiful option for bottomless brunch! Took advantage of a Pulsd deal."

"The atmosphere was welcoming, the food was phenomenal, and the service was attentive and accommodating. I purchased a pulsd coupon"

Cleo 5 star reviews include:

"I can't say enough about this place. I've only been once for brunch, but that was enough to form a great opinion. I bought a great pulsd deal for 2 people for bottomless brunch - with unlimited drinks"

Circa Brewing Co. 5 star reviews include:

"Me and a friend came for the 2 hour bottomless cider/beer. We got a deal from Pulsd which included bottomless and food. Definitely will come back."

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