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pulsd partnerships in 4 steps

“We’ve had GREAT success with pulsd in building our weekend business. I’m really happy with the results we’ve seen with pulsd.”

- Catherine Kruegler, General Manager, Bedford & Co.

“We've been very happy with the additional traffic that pulsd has brought for us.”

- Sarah Marshall, Assistant General Manager, BLACKBARN

"All of the customers were extremely happy and pleased. Pulsd customers are happy customers, and we appreciate that.”

- Heather Sasaki, Director of Strategic Marketing, Rivington Hospitality Group

"Thank You! Pulsd has really helped ensure we have a successful event! Can’t wait to work together again in the future!”

- Llana Eichinger, VIP Marketing, Goodwill Industries

Partnering With Us

  1. Our team will brainstorm your needs with you. We will work collaboratively to create a compelling promotion that helps you achieve your business objectives; from driving more foot traffic to your establishment, to creating buzz around your brand or event.
  2. Our talented creative team will create a sales page to showcase your business to our 350,000 members. Our editors and art directors will bring your business to life. Through authoritative, on-brand copy and beautiful images, we will communicate your offer to our members — who trust us.
  3. We send an email and promote your offer on social media. We send our members a hand-selected range of top local happenings, multiple times a week. Members can click through from the email to a sales page, where they have the option to make a purchase and frequent your business. For even more exposure, our social media team can promote your offer on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  4. You receive new customers, new loyalists, brand awareness and incremental spend. You've introduced your business to a new set of customers and generated revenue, while driving additional awareness of your brand.
  5. We continue to support your business. We will continue to update and polish your promotions, including you in our newsletter and social media to drive traffic when you need it. With 24/7 Merchant Support and local NYC offices, you can always get in touch with us.

Contact us at partnerships@pulsd.com

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