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We love New York so much that we dedicate all our time and resources to find fresh and exciting experiences and happenings throughout the island. Did your favorite spot close, leaving you to have to find a new restaurant to become a regular? Or are you looking to switch up your fitness routine with classes you may not have tried before? Maybe you need a pampering day away from the hectic hustle and bustle that is New York. Then look no further - we pride ourselves on bringing 350,000 New Yorkers the best reviewed dinners, brunches, spa days, fitness classes, and so much more.

We know New York is an expensive city. Which is why we are focused on bringing you exclusive offers so you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket while you’re trying to cut loose and have fun. The best part of pulsd is that we are the ultimate spot to find fun FREE events too. Make new contacts at a networking open bar or get up close and personal with your favorite designers at frequent sample sales.

We want our audience to understand that they can explore the city within their budget. The great majority of our members find themselves returning to their new favorite spots that they discovered on our platform. While most of our members have no problems with redeeming vouchers with our merchants, we are some cases in which members contact us for a refund.

Ultimately, it is not our decision to issue a refund on a voucher, it is at the discretion of the underlying merchant. Please see below for a list of examples as to why we can or cannot offer a refund:

1) $69 Dinner For Two: Two months after expiration, one of our members wrote to us and asked if it was possible to issue a refund on their dinner voucher that they did not get a chance to use. Given that the voucher had expired two months ago and we already paid the merchant on the voucher in question, we unfortunately could not issue a refund on this voucher per our terms with the merchant. What we recommend in these cases is to contact the merchant directly as the merchant may accept the voucher as a credit to the restaurant.

2) $149 For 10 Spin Classes: Two weeks after making their purchase, a member found out they needed to have surgery on their knee and would not be able to use their 10 pack of spin classes. Given that the member contacted us months before the voucher had to be activated and they had not yet activated their voucher, the merchant was okay with us refunding this voucher.

3) $105 Spa Day: When a member contacted us confused as to why they were charged for 2 vouchers when they were under the impression that they only selected one we explained that they had actually selected two vouchers upon checkout. This member did not have a need for two vouchers so we were happy to refund the member given that the purchase was made within the past 3 weeks and the underlying merchant was OK with a refund.

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