[For any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@pulsd.com]

Over 350,000 New Yorkers use pulsd to locate the latest events, experiences, and offers throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. Whether it is to access free open bars, pop-up shops, celebrity appearances, or paid events made more affordable such as galas, spa services, workout classes, and dining experiences there are rave reviews buzzing all around the city about findings on pulsd. We are the ultimate discovery platform for exciting things happening around the Big Apple. Our team is passionate about delivering the best and offering some great merchants to showcase their exciting experiences and events with you.

In the majority of cases, our members seamlessly make their purchase and use their pulsd voucher with no reason to contact us directly as we clearly label very detailed instructions on how to redeem your pulsd voucher with our merchants. We do understand that there are some cases in which members would like to request a refund, pulsd credit, or exchange for a voucher they have purchased. In regards to our refund policy you may visit our terms of service to better understand which cases warrant a refund and which do not.

Ultimately, it is not our decision to issue a refund on a voucher, it is at the discretion of the underlying merchant. You may also contact us directly via email at support@pulsd.com, if you are unclear if your case will be approved for a refund.

Please review the example cases below in which we have or have not been able to authorize a refund to determine whether or not your situation will justify a refund:

1) $35 Ticket To An Open Bar Cruise: The day a member made a purchase for two tickets to an open bar cruise, this member attempted to redeem their tickets on the merchant’s website. Unfortunately, the date the member was booking sold out, which led them to having to contact support@pulsd.com for a refund. Since this date was now sold out as the boat was booked to capacity, we contacted the merchant who went ahead and authorized a refund.

2) $29 Infrared Sauna Session: After reading so many positive reviews about the latest craze in health and wellness, one of our members made a purchase for an infrared sauna session. Having made their purchase, they consulted their doctor who advised against the sauna session due to a health condition. This member contacted us directly with the doctor’s note to explain they would not be able to use the voucher they just purchased and kindly requested a pulsd credit, so that they could purchase another experience they would be able to participate in. In this instance we happily gave the member a pulsd credit to be used towards another activity as the merchant was okay with us annulling this voucher.

3) $29 Brunch For Two: 2 months after making their purchase, we received a refund request for a brunch voucher. Given the time that had passed since purchase, we unfortunately could not issue a refund as we had already paid the merchant on their voucher and the merchant would not authorize us to process a refund. In this case, we explained that the member could gift or sell the voucher.

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