[For any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@pulsd.com]

Our main priority at pulsd is customer success. From our unparalleled customer service to our incredible offers that allow New Yorkers to make living in New York City even more incredible and accessible than it already is.

Driven by a passion for what we do and a love of all things New York City, customers are the heartbeat of pulsd, which is why we prioritize providing great customer service, addressing problems big and small. If you have questions, we have the answers. Our personable help centers and customer service representatives are humans, not robots, troubleshooting your concerns to find the solutions you need, be it via the pulsd email, pulsd phone number, or pulsd address.

Aside from enjoying our dinners, brunches, events, spa, salon, and other promotions that we curate for you to experience, we also ensure customer success by including fun incentives for inviting friends, earning credits to use towards a romantic dinner for two, tickets to Eataly events, 50% off haircuts in SoHo, and then some.

pulsd 5 Star Customer Reviews:

Yelp Review by Jessie B. for Galli, 1/14/2019: "One of my new East Village/LES favorites. Found out about Dia on pulsd. The service here is phenomenal from the reservation process and throughout our meal we were made to feel at home. The waiter was kind and the owner even stopped by with some focaccia for the table!"

Yelp Review by Julie G. for Osteria 57, 6/24/2019: "I dined last week using a pulsd voucher and I had to create a Yelp account just so I could praise Osteria 57. Truly a lovely experience! 5 stars on the service, food, and ambiance...We've been raving about this dinner for a week now and we're extremely excited to go back."

Yelp Review by Charlie E. for Galaxy Beauty Spa, 2/20/2020: "Great deals on a variety of outings and excursions and events. Very cool. And very cool Customer Service. I had a problem with a place closing down. I contacted them through email. I thought I was going to take a loss. They responded quickly and promptly. They were courteous and professional."

Apple App Review, 12/24/2019: "Excellent app and customer service. There was an issue with the iOS app not working after the latest update. Wrote to support and expected to hear nothing for ages and instead within 1-2 hours had contact from pulsd. They found the bug and fixed it. Kept me informed the whole time and surprised me with a small credit to my account. They didn’t have to do that but I really appreciated it."

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