[For any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@pulsd.com]

Have questions about what pulsd can do to make living in New York City even more incredible than it already is? You can take it from us, or you can listen to our hundreds of thousands of subscribers that have had successful customer experiences. We proudly work with hundreds of New York City merchants, bringing them new customers who frequently contribute exceptional reviews, be it from attending one of many citywide events, enjoying a dinner or brunch with friends, delighting in spa or nail salon services, and so much more.

pulsd customer service also receives shining customer reviews from users, as our team of friendly customer service representatives will answer questions whether you contact pulsd at the pulsd email at support@pulsd.com, by calling the pulsd phone number on your sales receipt, or sending a note to the pulsd address. Our customer support team is ready.

If you need help with a pulsd order, expect prompt communication from our customer service pros, who will assist you no matter the complexity of your concerns. On the app, on the web, or just for a chat, we are here for you every step of the way.

pulsd 5 Star Customer Reviews:

Apple App Store, 11/23/2019: "Living in NYC is beyond pricey! This app has saved my social life! I love it and I recommend it to my friends constantly. I love how pulsd deals work and a lot of the deals you can combine. By that I mean if the deal is 39 for dinner for two you can combine multiple deals so you can have dinner for 4 people for 78! I definitely recommend you download this app!"

Apple App Store, 01/31/2020: "Must have for New Yorkers. This is my first review ever. My friends and I love to go out eat and drink. Pulsd has helped to introduce us to lots of new places and events and most of the deals are 50% off. It’s very easy to use. The places I’ve visited with Pulsd have been awesome experiences. Also now I’m able to go out even more because we are getting such good deals with Pulsd. Just download it and you’ll see. Also, amazing customer support!"

Yelp Review by Charlie E. for Galli, 3/10/2020: "Got a pulsd voucher for a dinner for two...wow. We got glasses of wine (really lovely picks by the waiter), followed by a polenta with some wonderful truffle/mushroom sauce that I'm going to be dreaming of. I got the gluten free vodka penna pasta - OMG SO GOOD. The flavors were spectacular. My date got the ravioli and was equally impressed. Dessert was a dreamy panna cotta that was gone in seconds - fabulous. Can't wait to come back again and again!"

Yelp Review by Kendra C. for Cleo, 3/31/2019: "I can't say enough about this place. I've only been once for brunch, but that was enough to form a great opinion. I bought a great pulsd deal for 2 people for bottomless brunch - with unlimited drinks (mimosas and spritzes - their bellinis are beyond amazing). Firstly, the ambience is amazing - it's well lit, high ceilings...The customer service is also really great. They are very attentive with refilling drinks, and making sure you are okay...highly recommended."

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