[For any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@pulsd.com]

We are in the service of serving up the best New York City has to offer. By highlighting authentic New York experiences, we are helping change the way New Yorkers interact with their glorious city. Our hope is that our audience tries new and exciting things from dining at a new restaurant to relaxing during a spa day. Whether you’re a New York born and raised or New York’s newest resident, we’re here for you, no matter what type of support you may require. We are available to answer any questions or concerns regarding recent purchases, transaction and account history, and so much more.

Email is the best way to contact a pulsd representative and, for your convenience, we have provided a list on what to include in your email for the quickest response.

If you prefer to contact us by phone, you can find our number on your credit card statement.

We prefer email because to help you resolve any issues we generally need some information. We recommend including the following in your email and it's much easier if we have written details than trying to transcribe over the phone.

  • Email associated with your pulsd account
  • Name on the credit card used to make your purchase
  • Voucher code
  • Date of purchase
  • What was purchased

Take a look at what some of our amazing members have to say about us:

  • (from the apple app store) "Most apps/websites that list events in New York have significant overlap and often boring content, but somehow Pulsd always has exciting and unique content. Also, I recently emailed pulsd customer support and got a very helpful response almost immediately!"
  • (from the apple app store) "This app gives you great options for excellent experiences. Also, the customer service is the best that I have seen from a company in a long time. They really care about you and what you go through. Get this app and go to the events because you won't regret it."
  • (from the android app store) "Great deals on places I actually want to try. Customer service is easy to deal with and very helpful."

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