[For any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@pulsd.com]

At pulsd we offer a curated selection of the greatest events and promotions around New York City. Our lifestyle platform is the best way to unlock exclusive offers to various events and experiences at discounted prices. We have reviewed what the city has to offer and are proud to bring you the most exciting events happening in your city. As a member of pulsd, you will never be missing out and will always be in the know with the latest and greatest. Our team scours every inch of the city, and handpicks restaurants, spas, fitness studios and more based on real New Yorkers’ reviews and positive feedback. There is no limit to the great offers we bring to you so be sure to check back regularly for new and exciting happenings.

Our members find that they have consistently positive experiences through our platform however we do understand that there are cases that warrant a refund as some members unintentionally make a purchase not realizing they will not be able to use their voucher. To gain a better understanding of what cases we are able to process a refund for and which cases we are unable to refund or credit please feel free to explore our terms of service for our refund policy. We try to be flexible wherever possible.

Ultimately, it is not our decision to issue a refund on a voucher, it is at the discretion of the underlying merchant. To give you an idea of the different scenarios that we are authorized or unauthorized to issue a refund please see below.

1) $39 Dinner For Two: 2 months after a voucher was purchased, the member realized the restaurant was closed for business. Unfortunately, this member did not get to redeem their voucher before the venue closed. We guarantee the fulfillment of the service until the expiration date on the voucher. Given that the member contacted us before their voucher expired and the restaurant closed before the expiration we were happy to issue a refund. Although, the member preferred pulsd credit so that they could make a purchase for another dinner offer they read rave reviews about.

2) $59 Ticket To An Event: On the morning of an event, a member contacted our team to ask for a refund as they no longer wanted to attend due to sickness. Unfortunately, in this case we were unauthorized to issue a refund, credit, or exchange of any kind as the event was only a few short hours away. Per our terms with this particular merchant, once the event is less than 3 business days away we were unauthorized to issue a refund of any kind and had to pay the merchant on that ticket. Further, the event was sold out so we would not be able to reissue the ticket. In these cases, we recommend that the member gifts or sells their ticket as all vouchers are transferable.

3) $89 Spa Day: A member contacted us inquiring about a refund for a spa day they purchased earlier in the week. This member was made aware that they were being relocated and would be leaving NYC before they would get a chance to use their voucher. Since this member contacted us only a few days after they made their purchase, we were authorized by the merchant to issue a full refund.

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