[For any questions or concerns, please contact us at support@pulsd.com]

Thank you for using pulsd to discover the very best of New York City! We are thrilled to be able to bring new events, cuisines, experiences, and activities to you and your friends & family.

Many of our merchants find that our members return time and time again due to their positive experiences. Each promotion is designed thoughtfully by our editorial team so you can review all the necessary information before deciding if you’d like to make your purchase. We include the merchant's web page along with their Yelp/OpenTable/Google Reviews page as well as original ticketing links. The purpose of this is to provide our audience with all the information up front so you do not need to spend too much extra time researching if this experience is right for you. It is highly encouraged that you read the promotion in its entirety before making your purchase in order to ensure an optimal experience and to limit your need for a refund.

Although the majority of our users use their vouchers in the time frame allotted, we do receive questions on if it is possible to return, exchange, or receive a refund on purchases in rare cases. Our terms state that all sales are final, however our customer success team reviews these refund requests on a case by case basis. Ultimately, it is not our decision to issue a refund on a voucher, it is at the discretion of the underlying merchant.

Please review the examples below in which our team is able to process a refund, credit, or exchange:

1) $79 Dinner For Two: As part of doing business, sometimes our merchants need to move locations or close a location for renovation. Our merchants who are closed or moving venues are happy for us to extend the vouchers of members who have made purchases but have not yet redeemed their offer. If the restaurant does not have a set date to reopen, per the merchant’s authorization we are able to authorize a refund on a member's voucher and we recommend that the member checks back in at a later date so they can make their purchase when the merchant returns.

2) $39 Brunch For Two: A member contacted support@pulsd.com as they made a purchase for a restaurant and made reservations for Sunday. One week before their scheduled reservation, the restaurant called the member to let them know that they will be closed to the public that day for a private party but they would be happy to accommodate a reservation for another day. Although this is a very rare occurrence, we were happy to process a full refund as the member was looking to use the voucher on that specific day and obtained an email from the merchant to verify that they could not accept the voucher on that given date.

3) $199 Unlimited Laser Hair Removal: After the member's consultation at the Laser Spa, they were told that they were not a candidate for laser and therefore would not be able to use one year of unlimited laser hair removal. The Laser Spa wrote to us informing us that the member could not use the voucher. Given that we had written confirmation that the member could not return to the spa to receive the service they paid for, we were able to fulfill a full refund on this offer.

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