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Praised by the likes of The New York Times, Elle, Shape, Harper's Bazaar, Self, Glamour, and on CNN, Exhale is an award-winning fitness haven, whose flagship New York City location is the perfect escape to unwind, destress, and burn major calories, nestled on Central Park South just across from Central Park.

Grab your $99 pulse (a $200 value) for 5 Classes. Take your pick from multiple class styles, including Barre, HIIT + Recovery, Cardio Sculpt, Flow Yoga, Cardio Barre, and more. Each class is designed to achieve a different result, so whether you want to decompress or torch fat, the class you desire is within reach.

Completely transform your physique with this $179 pulse (a $375 value) for 10 Classes. Treat your physique to the many benefits that come from each class style. Detox & release tension via yoga, sculpt lean, long muscles in barre, and sweat away the pounds in cardio - all within a stunning space.

After your time in the sanctuary-like studio or the sky-lit studio, you'll appreciate the zen-inducing scene complete with well-stocked changing rooms, showers, private lockers, steam rooms, and more. Plus, you can shop the chic wellbeing boutique, or relax in the lounge to complete your experience.

At Exhale, you'll discover how to make fitness a full-circle focus on whole body wellbeing with a luxe twist...

Exhale Central Park South
150 Central Park South
(212) 561-7400

Earning ample acclaim from Well+Good, Forbes, Women's Health, and on USA Today, Exhale is a top-notch fitness hotspot that combines wellness with working out, giving you an all-encompassing experience where you'll leave your stresses at the door and immerse yourself in serenity - and sweat!

A unique blend of fitness and spa, Exhale is the total package where you can escape to anytime when you want to center your body and mind. Whether you need to slip into an hour of calm or challenge yourself in a full-body sweat session, Exhale offers the perfect menu to get you re-centered, rejuvenated, and reconnected.

Under the guidance of an expert team of teachers and coaches, you’ll find exactly what you need to elevate your sense of wellbeing. Take some deep breaths in yoga, go big with perspiration-inducing cardio, or shape your body via barre - no matter the class, you'll delight in the mood-boosting (and physique transforming) results.

After spending time at Exhale, you’ll leave feeling powerful, strong, and ready for anything...

Take your pick between Exhale's classes. Check out the schedule here.

  • Barre + Recovery - a 60 minute class that combines barre and recovery. Uses 45 minutes of barre work using sustained holds and micro-movements aimed to sculpt and strengthen, plus 15 minutes of recovery combining elements of active stretching, myofascial release therapy, and mindful meditation.

  • Exhale Cardio Barre - 60 minutes to break a sweat, pulse deeper, and burn more in this intense, efficient, barre-meets-cardio class. Spend half the class on your mat with hand weights as you move through rapid cardio intervals. Then hit the barre for muscle-defining micro-moves.

  • Exhale Barre - 60 minutes of their signature style. Combines sustained holds and micro-movements with decades of innovation and the latest movement science. Leave no muscle untouched in this effective total body workout that will tone your muscles and make you shake.

  • HIIT + Recovery - 50 Minutes where you can expect a 30 minute blast of high-intensity interval training followed by 15 minutes of recovery. Challenging, non-stop movement followed by a series of active stretching, myofascial release therapy, and mindful meditation.

  • Exhale Cardio Sculpt - 50 minute, non-stop workout. Toning & endurance using the ultimate combination: cardio intervals, and isolation & compound movements. Bonus: the playlist is insanely motivating.

  • Exhale Power Yoga - 60 minutes of flowing, athletic yoga. Build strength and tone your whole body as you move to upbeat tracks.

  • Exhale Yoga Sculpt - 60 minutes using light hand weights, wrist and ankle weights. Combines strength and cardio moves with a traditional yoga flow practice.

  • Exhale Flow Yoga - 60 minutes of mindful movement focused on alignment. Flow through poses that leave you a little stronger, a little sweatier, and a lot more relaxed.

  • Exhale Chill Yoga - 60 minutes in a dark room, with a blanket, bolster, and mat. Through long-held, restorative poses, you’ll relieve hard-worked muscles, take a break from the daily hustle, and enjoy an hour to simply “chill.”

Exhale shines with 4 stars from 270+ reviews on Yelp:

  • "Exhale is AMAZING!!! The classes are outstanding. The instructors are superior and the customer service at the front desk is incredible. The women who greet you at the reservation desk are warm and welcoming. Every single person makes it their business to know your name - they are genuine and super classy. Very well-run studio and spa. Such a pleasure to escape to Exhale for an hour each day."

  • "I enjoyed the yoga class very much! Class is beautiful and great for both beginners and advanced yogis. The studio and the locker room were all very clean and beautiful! I will definitely come back for another class!"

  • "First workout here and definitely will be back. The instructor was incredible! Not only was she high energy and doing the moves with us, she is inspiring and an amazing figure of positivity. Encouraged us to just keep moving and get our best workout. The class was harder than any other boot camp and was a lot of fun. Barre and cardio keeps you going for the full 50 minutes. If there's one workout you do a week this is the one!"

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