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Named after a counter-culture magazine from the 1960s, Overthrow Boxing Club is a Vogue favorite boxing studio where superstar instructors lead novices, experienced fighters, and models alike through ultra high-energy workouts.

Grab your $49 pulse (a $85 value) for 3 Classes, and learn how to punch, jab, and hook your way to a blazing shape. From warm-up and shadowboxing routines to punching heavy bags, each class offers full body conditioning, cardio, strength, and toning in one heart-pumping combination set to an energizing playlist.

Step it up with the $85 pulse (a $160 value) for 5 Classes guided by championship-winning instructors, who will show you real boxing techniques as you you build endurance, shed fat, and build lean muscles.

Transform your body with the $159 pulse (a $320 value) for 10 Classes or the $299 pulse (a $600 value) for 20 Classes; you will acquire the sculpted physique, the natural confidence and the calm focus of a genuine fighter.

The down-to-earth studio welcomes first timers and VIPs with the same friendly demeanor - just don't be surprised if you find Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, or VS models Nina Agdal, Georgia Fowler, & Martha Hunt sharing a class with you!


Founded by serial entrepreneur Joey Goodwin and led by head trainer Alicia Napoleon (the #2 ranked pro boxer in the U.S. for her class), Overthrow is a hip and inspiring place for boxers of all ages and levels.

Whether you have a competitive spirit, or just want to better your body, this adrenaline-pumping studio will give you the physique of a pro in a positive, motivating, and encouraging setting.

Each class starts with a warm-up session, followed by drills using real gloves - perfect for stress relief and developing lean muscles. Not only will you get a killer workout each session, you'll also develop serious boxing skills, boosting your confidence and taking you further in your fitness journey.

Little touches like complimentary gloves for use during class and Malin + Goetz products in the locker room ensure that you feel rewarded after each sweat sesh.

Whenever you leave, you know that you'll come back stronger, leaner, faster, ready to to hit the ring again...

You may view the full class schedule here.

Overthrow Boxing Club is a NYC phenomenon, earning a fantastic 4 stars out of 70+ reviews on Yelp, including:

  • "I loved the vibe of the place as soon as I walked in. It's super cool and kind of grungy. it was an amazing workout. We worked a lot with the mitts and on the bag as well. great for both experienced and beginner boxers. I definitely recommend it!"

  • "You're being trained by real boxers, learning real techniques, and really want to throw up sometimes (in a good way) because the trainers push you to your limits. go to Overthrow...ASAP."

  • "Overthrow Boxing is a great place to workout and it's non-intimidating for beginners who want to learn some basic self defense, punches, and gain confidence."

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