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$39 5 Star Rated Curated Box of 3 10oz Sake Bottles With Delivery ($69 value)
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Sake is the new wine according to The New York Times, so discover the incredible world of this libation thanks to Tippsy, an expertly curated 3 bottle box applauded by Forbes for its "freshness" and "streamlined process" in delivering sake "directly to consumers as soon as it arrives from Japan."

Grab your $39 pulse (a $69 value) for 3 10oz Bottles Of Sake. The exclusive selection is shipped to your door alongside product cards that coincide with each bottle, describing origins, tasting notes, and more.

A Japanese beverage with an alcohol content akin to red wine, sake has a smooth finish & simple ingredients: rice, water, yeast, and k?ji. Tippsy carries a range of well-known & boutique sake breweries, from the famed Ozeki & Hakutsuru, to luxe varietals like Dassai, Hakkaisan, Otokoyama & Onikoroshi.

Drink it hot or chilled, with sushi or even chocolates & pizza, letting the corresponding information cards guide you through pairings and the nuances of each bottle - all you have to do is order, open, pour, and enjoy!

For goodness sake, what are you waiting for...

New York, NY


Having originated around 2,500 BC, sake has a long and rich history, and thanks to Tippsy, you can now become immersed in the beauty and incredible flavors of this ancient-made-contemporary drink.

Founded by Genki Ito - a USC Marshall School of Business MBA grad repping 10 years in the industry - Tippsy "puts premium Japanese sake in the spotlight" and "streamlines the sake discovery and buying process" as explained by Business Insider.

Enlightening, entertaining, and educational, boxes securely encase 3 beautiful, hand-selected bottles, and 3 cards describing each sake and the best ways to imbibe, as in whether it is best served cold, hot, room temperature, with beef, fish, vegetables, etc.

Delight in the fuller, versatile joys of "Junmai" styles (pure rice), the clean, aromatic tendencies of "Ginjo" (well-polished rice brewed at lower temperatures), and the gorgeous, premium expressions of Daiginjo (made in smaller quantities, rely more on traditional methods) - with each bottle vetted by the pros at Tippsy.

Either a gift for yourself or a loved one, sip on something new...

Your $39 Box of Curated Sake Bottles (a $69 value) Includes:

  • A Curated Selection of 3x 10oz Bottles of Premium Japanese Sake.
  • Informational Cards for each bottle that detail flavors, parings, and more.
  • Tax & shipping.

Satisfied sake lovers give Tippsy an impressive 5 Star rating out of 245+ reviews on Reviews.io including:

  • "We are Japanese and we love Tippsy. They provide authentic high quality Japanese Sake we even have limited access in Japan - like Dassai. I highly recommend. Excellent taste. No doubt you can find your own favorite sake at Tippsy!"

  • "My box of sakes shipped in only a few days. The sakes themselves were excellent quality, showcasing three distinct styles. This will be very useful for me to discover my preferences. I'm really looking forward to the next couple of months!"

Tippsy's Website | Reviews.io

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