The Cauldron Flatiron
$65 For A Magical Cocktail Potion Making Class For Two (a $93 value)

Wizards, witches, warlocks, sorcerers, enchantresses, and the like will absolutely adore The Cauldron Flatiron's Potion Making Class - a completely immersive cocktail making experience that gets you into character for a moment of pure magic for all of your senses, not to mention an array of delectable, mind-blowing cocktails!

Grab this $65 pulse (a $93 value) for a Magical Cocktail Potion Making Class For Two that includes a 1 Hour & 45-Minute Interactive Experience, complete with 2 Welcome Drinks, 4 Molecular Cocktails, and the use of a Magic Wand.

This is no average boozy endeavor - you'll don a cloak, wield a working magic wand & use molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs! Upon entry, your wand will cast a pouring spell to receive a welcome drink from the maw of a magical creature. Your wand is the key to interacting with the space around you!

You are then seated at a magic wand-interactive work station where you brew two molecular cocktails from a selection of options, each of which have different properties and effects, made using top notch spirits, exceptional ingredients, and tasty twists.

You could go to a bar, or you could get lost in an enchanting world of libation-fueled wonder...

The Cauldron Flatiron
127 West 26th Street
(732) 538-7630

Abracadabra! A mystical word awaits at The Cauldron! Praised by Time Out & Insider, this immersive world invites you to get interactive with a Potions Making Class - but with a boozy spin. You'll use tech, mixology, science, and imagination to make a selection of cocktails that will please your palate and your sense of adventure.

The Cauldron is a charming, magic-filled two-story treasure whose interactive experiences lets you step into the imagined worlds of your childhood through the subtle science of brewing, molecular gastronomy, and technology. The London location is the world's first wizard pub, which has now become an international success.

Muggles and the magically-inclined will watch as their favorite fantasy novels and lore come to life in New York City, while drinking incredible concoctions! Put on your robe, grab your wand, and test your skills as a creature on the wall pours a welcome cocktail into your glass with a swift "whoosh" of your wand.

The potion master will then lead you to your workstation, outfitted with everything you need to brew two molecular potions. Each tipple reps different flavors, nuances, infusions, and wow-worthy effects that will make you eager for more.

This amazing experience will put you under its spell...

You can view a sneak preview by checking out the Potion Making Sizzle Reel.

Your $65 Adult Off-Peak Magical Cocktail Potion Making Class For Two (a $93 value) Includes:

  • A Potion Making Class For Two:
    • A 1 Hour & 45-Minute Interactive Experience.
    • 2 Welcome Drinks.
    • 4 Molecular Cocktails that you brew yourself.
    • Magic Wand & Equipment Rental.
    • Valid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

The Cauldron earns a dazzling 5 Stars from 1,125+ reviews on Google including:

  • "I love this place!! It’s in a great area that’s perfect for pictures and conversation. The Cauldron is themed through the entire space so it feels immersive. I’d love to go back! The staff are so nice and made sure to give us a good experience. Overall they have a great, fun, witchy atmosphere. Can’t wait to go back!"

  • "Amazing! Recommend doing the Potions Class! The staff were so nice and helpful and the drinks were delicious. A must-go. I will definitely come back."

  • "This place has such a fun energy! We did the potions making class and it's definitely worth it! 3 drinks are included and we had so much fun! Plus the smoking shots they sell are really fun to drink and taste nice and fruity! Honestly this is my favorite thing."

  • "God help me, how much I love this! I came here for the first time. We popped in here and ever since we have came here multiple times and planning to come more! The drinks are awesome, the food is great, and service and vibe is excellent!"

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  • Tax & tip not included; reservation required.

  • Expires on Thursday August 29, 2024.