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Unveil an effortlessly elegant ballerina body at The Bar Method Hoboken, whose techniques have sculpted the physiques of Hollywood celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria's Secret Models.

Grab your $79 pulse (a $199 value) for One Month of Unlimited Classes to achieve the toned muscles of runway superstars and ballet mavens. Your instructor will guide you through a series of effective isometric exercises that can torch up to 300 calories as you tighten the abs, lengthen the legs, and lift the glutes.

Alternatively, the $189 pulse (a $300 value) for 10 Classes will transform your body by tapping into the smaller, neglected muscle groups. The core you've dreamed of will be sculpted one rep at a time while providing a surge in confidence and better overall wellness after just one 60-minute session.

Natural light pours into the clean, modern studio decked out in lush amenities and a welcoming staff. Think private lockers, showers, a beauty bar, a coffee & tea station, and so much more.

Increased flexibility, an elongated figure, and sleek, sexy arms; coming right up!


If you have long coveted sinewy arms, a high and tight derrière, lean legs, and a regal posture, look no further than The Bar Method Hoboken, applauded by Elle Magazine, The New York Times, and Harper's Bazaar.

Founded by Burr Leonard on the principles of ballet & physical therapy, The Bar Method is designed to tone and lengthen your entire form using low-impact moves that put less stress on your joints.

Class after class, you'll notice and feel results. Set to an energizing playlist, move seamlessly from the lower to the upper body as an instructor (most likely from a professional dance background) helps adjust your positioning to target the small, crucial interior muscles.

The Bar Method is perfect for fine-tuning and contouring at all angles without adding bulk. You'll use and array of bodyweight movement and a selection of props like pilates balls and resistance bands to sink deeper into lunges, isolate, and define.

In an ideal spot in Hoboken, the studio is decked in luxe amenities so you can reach your goals without skipping a beat. Private lockers, showers, a coffee cart, and beauty bar are just a few of the personal touches you can expect, not to mention a community vibe that makes clientele feel amongst friends.

Ultimately, after a few trips to The Bar Method Hoboken, you'll discover a lithe, more slender you worthy of being asked, "Are you a dancer?"

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The Bar Method Hoboken is awarded an incredible 5 stars out of 50+ reviews on Yelp, including:

  • "Bar method Hoboken is my favorite place to go and take some time for myself! It's a great work out that tones, tightens, and leaves you just the right amount of sore. At the same time, it helps me recenter my mind and I always leave a class with more positivity than I went in with."

  • "The Bar Method in Hoboken has made me obsessed! The space is beautiful and has all the amenities you could want. The individualized attention that every student receives in class is truly unique and all of the teachers are super friendly and encouraging. Cannot say enough great things about this studio!"

  • "Absolutely in love with The Bar Method! I was never an active person. I never understood how someone could be "addicted" to physical activity until Bar Method! Bottom line, Bar Method made me a better me."

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  • May purchase as many vouchers as you like for personal use or for gifting.

  • Unlimited classes valid for new clients or existing clients who have not visited in 12 months.

  • Expires Friday November 22, 2019.