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$79 For 3 60m Personal Training or Private Boxing Sessions (a $300 Value)
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Every body is different, so why are you working out the same way as everyone else? Reveal your sleekest physique and highest level of fitness by training with Moxie Life Fitness, a team that offers a personalized program combining cardio, strength, boxing & kickboxing for optimal results.

Grab this $79 pulse (a $300 value) for Three 60 Minute Personal Training Sessions with Victor Motta, Lead Trainer at Moxie Life.

These bespoke sessions are tailored to help you to meet your target, whether that's weight loss, toning & sculpting, increased lean muscles, or all of the above.

Alternatively, get the $79 pulse (a $300 value) for Three 60 Minute Private Boxing Sessions. These intense and sweaty sessions will leave your body transformed, your mind detoxified, and your spirits soaring.

All classes take place at the world famous Work Train Fight, a private gym to athletes and celebrities alike located in NoHo.

Welcome to VIP-level fitness without VIP prices...


With over a decade of experience as a Personal Trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise, an expert in nutrition and a bootcamp instructor at Work Train Fight, Victor Motta prides himself on creating tailored programs for his client's goals - and helping them reach them.

Whether you're looking to tone up, lose weight or gain overall strength, you will stretch, box and kick your way to tighter, more-sculpted body under Victor's guidance. The Moxie Method rooted in sports science encompasses optimal exercise, diet, and rest, to give you definite results without guesswork or meaningless exercise.

Depending on your goals, the workouts may include kettlebells, kickboxing, shadowboxing, free weights, calisthenics, restorative yoga and training on the gymnastic rings.

If you are looking to torch the calories, step into the ring under Victor's guidance where you can burn up to 1,000 calories per session as you tone your entire body, while improving your strength and core stability.

With both the Personal Training & Private Boxing options offering nutrition and wellness advice, no matter which one you pick, you’ll be empowered to reach your fitness goals - and surpass them.

Moxie Life scores 4.5 stars on Yelp with reviews such as:

  • "I've been working with Victor for over a year and have seen amazing results. He is extremely diligent and helped create a plan for my needs. I have recommended him to a number of friends as the results have continued to be amazing. He is easy to work with and works to make a schedule to fit my busy needs."

  • "Victor is great and always pushes my limits. It's never an easy session which is why I love working out with him. I'm always having fun and enjoy the workout, especially boxing."

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