Work Train Fight
636 Broadway | (646) 727-4660
Empowerment through boxing and fitness. There are many fitness modalities out there, however none are able to train the mind, body and character like boxing does. We enforce an Asshole Free policy; keeping a positive environment for everyone is a high priority for us. If we help enough kind hearted people be stronger, then we will one day reach our goal, to change .0001% of the world (we are modest). No matter where you are in your current fitness level, WTF is for you. We offer Personal Training, Boot Camp Classes, and Small Group Training. Our sessions are a fusion of Strength Training and Boxing. We realize that most people are looking for fun ways to get fit, while being injury free. Our training style promotes strength and cardio training outside the normal wear and tear of conventional training, like running and other exercises that constantly pound the lower body.