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Le Sia
$39: 5 Star Yelp Rated 2Crs Dinner For 2 + Cocktails, Sakes, Beers ($79 value)

"NYC’s Most Exciting New Chinese Restaurant" according to Eater, is Le Sia, a Beijing-style haven of flavor that infuses traditional cuisine with a Louisiana-style twist! Equally applauded in The New York Times & The New Yorker, Le Sia is fusion done right, especially when you add a few cocktails into the mix!

Grab your $39 pulse (a $79 value) for a 2 Course Dinner For Two that includes 1 Appetizer, 1 Combo Seafood Boil, and 2 Cocktails or Beers, or 1 Carafe of Sake to sip while you savor this feast!

Authenticity is at the core of this beloved locale, combining cultures for a truly sublime result. Cajun & Chinese spices come into play, taking the classic boil you would find in Louisiana and adding Asian flair, which was the dream of talented Head Chef, Zac Zhang.

Wet your whistle as you sip on Passionfruit Frozen Margaritas, opting for refreshing Sake if you prefer the crisp clarity, beginning with some Chicken in Savory & Spicy Sauce or Fried Pork Dumplings. Next up, swoon over a behemoth Combo Boil, namely the Blue Crab + Crawfish Boil overflowing with drool-worthy sauces - a shareable sensation!

Is you marvel at the finger-lickin' goodness of it all, clink your glasses and plan on your return - you'll be craving it again from the moment you leave...

Le Sia
651 9th Avenue
(646) 559-5220

In te words of the critics at Eater, "Le Sia Is the Spicy Shellfish Destination New York Deserves!" The Hell's Kitchen destination also reps applause from The New York Times, who celebrate this "thriving" gem in all its Beijing-Louisiana fusion glory.

Owners Yang Liu and Tianye Chen teamed up with Chef Zac Zhang to bring New Yorkers a Chinese tradition that they enjoyed prior to calling the USA their home. Their boils are iconic, and are achieved by boiling the seafood first, then sautéing them in hot wok with delectable sauces.

This scrumptious endeavor will have you diving in, gloved-hands first into your tasty boil, but not before enticing your appetite with cocktails. We love the Far East Sider comprised of nigori sake, shaoxin wine, amaretto, pineapple juice, lemon juice, fresh mint, angostura bitters, and star anise.

Start your epicurean jaunt with some Pineapple Tiger Shrimp Skewers, which will ignite your fire for more as the Clam + Crawfish Boil arrives. The Crawfish are their speciality, and are what the critics at The New Yorker find the most adoration-inducing.

As you dip your oceanic morsels into the simply magical sauce, you'll find your happy place, polishing off your drinks in the energetic, convivial atmosphere of this coveted jewel. The hype is real, and we're ready to experience it all...

Your $39 2 Course Dinner For Two (a $79 value) Includes:

  • 1 Appetizer (choice of Hot or Cold; up to an $11 value).
  • 1 Combo Seafood Boil (up to a $38 value).
  • 2 Cocktails or Beers (up to a $15 value each) or 1 Carafe of House-Selected Sake (up to a $22 value).
  • Valid for Lunch, Brunch, or Dinner Sun-Thurs during regular business hours, and before 6:00pm Fri-Sat.

Le Sia dazzles with a luminous 5 Stars on Yelp from 130+ reviews including:

  • "Fast service, authentic food, good ambience. Tasted amazing. Would definitely come back with a group of friends, so much good food worth sharing!"

  • "My favorite Chinese restaurant ever. Glorious, melt in your mouth experience. I usually treat myself here on Fridays after a long week of work, so these meals make me feel like I'm on vacation. The real main event is the crawfish and head on shrimp for me, (my gf loves to add the crab as well). I don't know what is in the sauce, but it's a combination of sweet/salt/spicy - next level. It's just so addicting that you can't stop until it's all finished. Trust me on this one!"

  • "Probably one of the best seafood boils I've ever had!! We ordered shrimp and clams with the garlic sauce. It was just amazing and writing this review makes my mouth water!! Love this place and I highly recommend!"

Le Sia's Website | Yelp

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  • Tax & tip not included; reservations required.

  • Valid Anytime Sun-Thurs, & Before 6:00pm Fri-Sat.

  • Expires on Friday July 28, 2023.