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Humming Puppy
Up To 60% Off 5 Star Yelp Rated Boutique Yoga Classes, Chelsea

In a breathtaking, airy, modern studio that Culture Trip calls "strikingly beautiful" in the heart of Chelsea, Humming Puppy hosts transformative yoga classes for all levels, merging transformative serenity with heat-building, stress-busting classes that are applauded by Time Out.

Grab your $49 pulse (a $105 value) for 3 Classes. With 4 signature class styles to choose from, you'll build your practice as you reap the benefits of yoga - be it increased flexibility, muscle strength & tone, improved respiration, and increased mindfulness; the list goes on and on!

Go big with this $99 pulse (a $249 value) for a 1 Month Unlimited Membership. You can take as many classes as you like, at any time of day. Be it a pre-work energy boost or a post workweek restorative session, you'll find balance from the inside out and feel lighter than air as you exit the studio.

Throughout the space, the transcendent hum of Himalayan singing bowls vibrate, making their way like a current through the floor and into your body to put you in a focused, restorative state of mind. Add in complimentary water & hot tea, and you're in for a truly exceptional experience.

And with even more amenities like showers, private lockers, toiletries, mats, blocks, bolsters, and the like, you can leave your stresses at the door and feel supported in the space.

Humming Puppy
119 W 23rd Street Suite 200
(212) 414-0800

As a space for pause and sanctuary, Humming Puppy provides a yoga experience that honors traditional yogic practices, with a tranquil twist. Central to their philosophy, they guide movement alongside a curated and resonant ‘Hum’. A frequency of their own design to deeply soothe, or to simply generate good vibes.

Humming Puppy reverberates with a ‘Hum’ in place of music - a soundscape that combines both digital and organic sound frequencies. 7.83hz is known as the Schumann Resonance and mimics the frequency of the earth itself, assisting in restoring the mind to a state of equilibrium. 40hz is specifically associated with ‘Gamma’ brainwave activity and integral for achieving states of peak performance.

The class styles are great for all levels: Mellow Hum (slow-paced, gentle movement), Unified Hum (moderate-paced, moments of challenge and restoration), Dynamic Hum (strength-based, high-energy, playful), and Foundation Hum (steady-paced, great for beginners, technique-focused).

Classes are limited to only 40 places, with an even and luxurious amount of room between each mat, so you can focus on your practice and not on another student’s behind! Plus, they want you to travel light, so they provide sanitized mats by Manduka, blocks and straps, full bathrooms and shower facilities, towels, hairdryers and hair straighteners, teas, water, and more!

With multiple class styles, over 40+ classes 7 days a week, and at times throughout the day, there's no excuse not to treat yourself to this superb immersion...

  • Mellow Hum - A slow paced class for every level of practitioner. The instructor will lead students through mindful movement, breathing and meditation that allow space for cultivating awareness and physiological support. Expect a combination of gentle movement, Yin and restorative inspired postures which are typically seated or lying down.

  • Unified Hum - A moderate paced flow for every level of practitioner. The intention is to provide a balanced offering of effort and ease. The instructor will lead students through intelligent sequences that allow for self-exploration, moments of challenge and opportunities for restoration.

  • Dynamic Hum - A strength based flow for experienced practitioners. The intention is to provide a high energy offering designed to ignite and strengthen the physical and subtle body. The instructor will lead students through playful sequencing that allows for enhanced focus, exploration of intricate postures and heat-building experiences.

  • Foundation Hum - A steady paced flow for the beginner practitioner to provide a well-rounded offering that is both educational and exploratory. Offering detailed instruction, the instructor will lead students through rudimentary sequences that allow for curious movement within a supportive environment. Expect posture breakdowns and explanations of accompanying movement.

You may check out the full class schedule here.

Humming Puppy garners a stupendous 5 Stars on Yelp from 110+ reviews including:

  • "My absolute favorite yoga studio in NYC! The atmosphere is calming, and I go before work to restore my energy and begin my day. The hum that echoes in the studio is soothing, the locker rooms & showers are clean and tidy. I adore the lobby area where they offer complimentary tea and water - I always take a moment to rest here before heading out for the day."

  • "Booked a Dynamic Hum class at Humming Puppy. I loved the overall experience. Incredible studio that looks futuristic and gave me a zen feel. Complimentary tea after class was great too."

  • "First time here at Humming Puppy. The studio is beautiful. It is very clean. They provide the mats and all the props you need. Before class or after they have hot tea for you. They have showers, locker rooms are clean and the class is spacious. Will definitely book again!"

Humming Puppy's Website | Yelp

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