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Everyone has a different path to personal health, and Care/of is here to help you find yours. They believe in the power of technology, science, and human empathy to make the journey towards overall health & wellness simpler, so let them help take care of you!

Care/of is a personalized vitamin and supplement company that makes getting healthy easy, convenient, and fun. They offer a custom recommendation of personalized, daily vitamin packs and powders based on a short quiz about your lifestyle, goals, and needs.

Recommendations are backed by a team of doctors and nutritionists, and the vitamins are delivered right to their door in personalized, easy-to-remember packs, perfect for a busy on-the-go lifestyle.

Care/of uses better ingredients than most, sourced from all the places they grow best, and is transparent about their supply chain, building products they would take themselves and delivering them straight to your door.

Healthy doesn’t have to be hard. Care/of makes it easy...

New York, NY


Craig Elbert and Akash Shah founded Care/of in New York City in 2016 with a mission to make finding the right vitamins & supplements simple. In an industry overrun with false labels, magic pills, and fine print, they're here to deliver it to you straight.

The Care/of Scientific Advisory Board is comprised of leading doctors, scientists, and nutrition experts. They work with them closely on their product development, recommendation logic, and to stay on top of the latest research findings.

After a simple quiz about your unique lifestyle, you'll get a personalized recommendation, backed by science and delivered to you so you can skip the hassle and confusion.

Care/of will help you create a health plan with vitamins, supplements, and more that help you feel your best today and support you long-term.

Be it vitamins, minerals, probiotics, herbs, or all of the above, nourish yourself from the inside out with the right guidance...

Care/of earns an exceptional 5 stars out of 1,745+ reviews on Trustpilot including:

  • "I love the vitamins, the containers they come in, and the customer service! Can’t say enough good things. Been taking the supplements going on two years and spread the word to everyone I know about them!"

  • "All shipments come on time and complete with what is promised. The packaging is cute, so I don't mind it sitting out on my bathroom counter. Individual packets are perfect for daily use, especially when traveling."

  • "High quality vitamins & supplements, very easy on my stomach too. Great service! I really like the flexibility and options available in the subscriptions."

Care/of's Website | Trustpilot

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