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ATOMIC Total Fitness
$249 For 8 Five Star Yelp Rated 60-Minute Personal Training Sessions

Tone, tighten, & strengthen your entire physique at ATOMIC Total Fitness - a 5 Star Yelp Rated hub of sculpted cores, lithe limbs, and soaring confidence that takes a customized approach to fitness, giving you the VIP treatment to transform your entire look.

Live your best, most confident post-pandemic life with your $249 pulse (a $1,300 value) for Eight 60 Minute Personal Training Sessions. Their bespoke style of training will assess your unique composition, digging deep to uncover your true fitness goals.

Bikinis and short shorts are within reach, so after a thorough analysis, your trainer will make a comprehensive program using all of the resources available and set you squarely on the path to success. With a mixture of cardio, strength training, and recovery, you'll achieve results in no time!

At ATOMIC, you get an immersive experience unlike any other. Their one-on-one personal training is second to none and you can savor maximum outcomes. They are invested in your progress and want to ensure you’re doing everything just right.

Shake off those tank tops - it's time to lift, lunge, and lengthen on your way to discover your most empowered self...


Ready to hit the beach scene and the pool vibes this summer feeling your best? Improve your health, experience renewed strength and feel your best at ATOMIC Total Fitness. This elite fitness facility is fully-loaded to give you the body you will want to show off come time for summer pool days and strolls along the shore.

Founded by Adam Shuty (New York Health and Racquet Club) ATOMIC reps a lineup of experienced, talented, motivational and knowledgeable trainers. Their focus on consistency, structure, and ingenuity will be your support as you commit to finding your path to full-circle fitness and wellbeing.

You'll use an array of modalities and tools to achieve the healthy physique you want, promoting lean muscle growth and an increase in endurance so you can enjoy an added self-assurance in your step as you flow through your sessions.

You'll be matched with a trainer who will begin with a detailed, personalized analysis of your wellness goals as well as your current fitness level. Once that has been established, you'll delight in a full body warm up, as well as a workout whose methods and techniques will keep your training fresh and engaging.

Identify your limits and push beyond, striving for inner and outer strength to carry you towards your best self...

ATOMIC Total Fitness brings in a magnificent 5 stars from 50+ reviews on Yelp, including:

  • "The team at ATOMIC is awesome! I train weekly with them for over a year. It's a fun, positive environment and I made major strides in my weight training. I feel confident doing weights on my own now and have way better form."

  • "ATOMIC gave me results that blew my mind. I have interacted with most trainers there and they are all great. You can't go wrong with whoever you chose! Made every session fun but also pushed me to do more than I thought I could do. I lost about 30 lbs, toned up and finally got in the shape I wanted!"

  • "I've been training at ATOMIC for almost a year and it has been great. I first started going after I had a back injury and Mike was fantastic in helping me strengthen my back without risking further injury. As that developed, Mike has continued to change the program and is constantly providing me with new and different challenges. I've really enjoyed going to Atomic."

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The Fine Print
  • May purchase 1 voucher for personal use and unlimited for gifting.

  • New clients only.

  • Expires Friday January 12, 2024.