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NEW YORK   >   open-bars   >   Truth Nightclub Pop-Up By Effen Vodka
Truth Nightclub Pop-Up By Effen Vodka

Enjoy Delicious Complimentary Drinks By Effen Vodka In Brooklyn
73 West Street | (718) 310-3040
Wednesday, August 1st, 2018
8:00PM - 11:50PM

Forget fashion design - the latest "It" side hustle for celebrities is creating their own liquor brand. There's Ryan Reynolds with his Aviation Gin, there's Justin Timberlake, David Beckham, Jay-Z...Even "serious actor" George Clooney's doing it. Basically, if you're famous and you're a man, you should be waist-deep in the spirit of your own making, as far as we can tell. Effen Vodka is the Holland-based side hustle baby of 50 Cent. "Effen" means smooth in Dutch, because clearly. Come drink to the brand at this nightclub pop-up experience. Free to RSVP.

Source: Effen Vodka