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$29 Korean Noodles Meal Kit For Four + Complimentary Delivery (a $59 value)
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Experience the ultimate in authentic Korean cuisine from Tada Noodles - a haven of scrumptious deliciousness that specializes in crafting some of the most delightful, traditional comfort foods that will be delivered right to your door!

Grab your $29 pulse (a $59 value) for a Korean Noodles Meal Kit For Four that includes your choice of 1 Tada Noodles Meal Kits, plus Delivery throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Their signature jjajangmyeon is tried and true - a fusion dish that leans on a roasted black bean sauce with ground pork, onion, and cabbage atop perfectly al dente noodles. Get ready to be addicted as you test out your chopstick skills, devouring every morsel with glee.

The equally stunning Jjamppong is known for its deep red soup with seafood and fresh noodles, perfect for lovers of all things spicy. This dish is both the natural pairing and the rival of jjajangmyeon, with a flavor profile that is equal parts unique and drool-worthy.

You'll receive your meal kit to your door, in addition to yellow daikon radish to munch on the side, as well as surprise Korean sweets to finish off your feast.

Sit back, relax, and let your fare come to you in speedy fashion from Tada...

Tada Noodles
2323 Borden Avenue
(646) 470-9424

Time to fire up your taste buds, Korean style! Tada Noodles has prepared the best of their fare to deliver freshly prepared, homemade noodles in marvelous sauces right to your doorstep so you can savor this wonderful culinary creation ASAP.

Because their fare is preservative free, your meal kit will arrive frozen, and must remain so until ready for consumption. When stored properly in a freezer, Tada Noodles meals will keep for at least a month! So whether you want them tonight or later, you're in for a stellar treat!

Tada's sauces are never store bought, concocted with fresh ingredients, and crafted from traditional recipes passed from generation to generation, which is what gives Tada their particular acclaim in regards to such genuine palatable joys.

So if you desire the heat of jjamppong or the divine dreaminess of jjajangmyeon, let your cravings guide you...

Your $29 Korean Noodles Meal Kit (a $59 value) Includes:

  • 1 Korean Noodles Meal Kit For Four (a $59 value):
    • Freshly cooked noodles for four people, frozen for freshness.
    • All ingredients including sauces.
    • Yellow daikon radish on the side.
    • Korean dessert sweets.
  • Complimentary delivery throughout NY, NJ and CT.

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  • Includes delivery throughout NY, NJ and CT.

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