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Bend, lengthen, and rejuvenate at Stretch Relief, whose massively successful methods are regularly featured in the pages of Vogue, Self, and Health as the only 5 Star-Rated stretch studio in New York City to offer true, unparalleled, personalized 1-on-1 recovery and group stretch sessions.

Grab your $49 pulse (a $110 value) for a 50-Minute In-Studio 1-on-1 Personalized Full Body Stretch Session that begins with a customized assessment to identify the muscle imbalances, followed by a warm-up massage using the Hypervolt to improve blood flow & circulation, then a deep stretch on your key tension areas.

Try the $59 pulse (a $125 value) for a 50-Minute In-Studio 1-on-1 Massage & Stretch Session, aka a hybrid hands-on Thai massage and a personalized assisted deep stretch using the Hypervolt that works double-time to break up fascia, release tightness in areas of concern, and achieve a whole body release.

Tap into the energy of the Stretch Relief community with the $59 pulse (a $125 value) for 5 Group Stretch Classes that incorporate modalities like sound therapy, functional interval strength movements, vinyasa flow yoga techniques, and endurance strengthening.

More than just a moment to slow down and focus on the body, your time within the bright, airy, modern space that Stretch Relief has cultivated will be as mentally transformative as it is physically healing...

Stretch Relief
133 E 58th Street
(646) 868-5573

Touted as the revolutionary new key to full circle fitness and wellbeing by the likes of Nylon and People Magazine, Stretch Relief is redefining what it means to take care of your body far beyond just eating right and staying fit.

After experiencing the benefits of stretch therapy in Los Angeles, Founder & CEO Amit Malik came back to New York only to discover a scarcity of stretch and recovery therapy studios in the city. As a result, Stretch Relief was born, aiming to do it bigger and better than the West Coast by personalizing each and every stretch to their clients bodies and needs.

Whether you're feeling sore from your workout, experiencing lower back or neck pains from sitting at a desk all day, or simply looking for a way to be more flexible, the highly trained coaches will provide an individualized plan based on your unique requirements and fitness level.

Either in 1-on-1 format or via group classes, the mission is the same: maximize your flexibility, recovery and performance so that you can bounce back faster, train more efficiently, and protect your precious muscles and joints.

Ultimately, the studio is an all-encompassing spot for your stretch and recovery needs:

  • Personalized Full Body Stretch Session - 50 Minutes of full body work that includes an assessment to identify the muscle imbalances, a warm-up using a using the Hypervolt device, and stretch therapy on your key tension areas.

  • Massage & Stretch Session - 50 Minute hybrid between hands on Thai massage and a personalized assisted deep stretch. Will leave you feeling better than before. Unlike the short term effects of a normal massage, this is designed to help provide long term relief and to address the root cause of your pain points and ailments. Hypervolt used to target problem areas, including neck etc.

  • Group Stretch Classes

    • Yoga Stretch - 60 Minute vinyasa flow class with an emphasis on holding particular asanas in order to stimulate your stretching potential. Combines a held asanas & flowing movements that connect your mind, body, and breath to achieve the deepest stretch and length you’re capable of, while building the strength you also desire.

    • Endurance Stretch - 50 Minute class for athletes and people of all fitness levels looking to improve performance and prevent injury! This small group training class is designed to release your over active muscles, elongate your shortened (tight) muscles and strengthen your muscles surrounding your foot & ankle, core and hip complex.

    • Sound & Stretch - 60 Minutes to allow your body to release tension through movement & find freedom through flow. You’ll use your breath to guide you into your deepest length & discover new ways to let go & stretch your musculature. Then, once you’re ready for savasana (rest), you’ll be bathed in the vibrations of sound.

    • Sweat & Stretch - 60 Minutes of bridging the gap between functional human performance and recovery, taking the class-goer through a heart pounding, total body, interval strength program, tapping into foundational core movements, and rounding out with the all important but often neglected stretch portion.

Stretch Relief earns an astonishing 5 stars from 45+ reviews on Google including:

  • "I am so pleased with my Stretch Relief experience. I feel so good & relaxed after my sessions. My body feels alive and energized after my stretching session. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to relieve stress, improve flexibility and blood flow."

  • "Stretch Relief is amazing, it’s now part of my routine! Pam & Alain are the best is the business, plus they have great energy! It’s truly about flexibility and getting the toxins out of your muscles. I highly recommend Stretch Relief!"

  • "I would give Pam 10 stars if I could! She is a delight to work with. She listened carefully to all of my needs, physical issues/limitations, and accommodated me. All of my sessions with her have been outstanding and I have been able to walk several miles at a time without pain."

Valid at all 5 Stretch Relief locations:

  1. Midtown/UES: 133 E 58th Street, Suite 811, New York, NY 10022. Tel: (646) 868-5573.
  2. Chelsea: 143 W 29th Street, Suite 1003, New York, NY 10001. Tel: (646) 868-5573.
  3. FiDi: 26 Broadway, Floor 8, New York, NY 10004. Tel: (646) 868-5573.
  4. Hudson Yards: 434 W 33rd Street, Floor 7, New York, NY 10001. Tel: (646) 868-5573.
  5. Williamsburg: 134 N 4th Street, Floor 3, Brooklyn, NY 11249. Tel: (646) 868-5573.

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