Spoonable Spirits
$48 For 12 Jars of 5 Star Yelp Rated Alcohol-Infused Sweets (a $60 value)
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Deemed "Dessert Goals" by Time Out after going viral on Good Morning America and Thrillist, Spoonable Spirits has catapulted themselves in the spotlight with their innovative spin on crave-able classics, infusing alcohol into decadent treats that you'll devour in delight!

Grab your $48 pulse (a $60 value) For Two 6-Packs (12 Jars Total) of the 5 Star Yelp Rated Spoonable Spirits, choosing from an inventive variety of delicious concoctions that will satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a buzz!

Between the Naughty Nutel-Latte Pudding laced with vodka, the Rum 'N' Cookie Pudding with a kick of white rum, the Cranberry Cosmo Jello Shot, and other scrumptious creations, each contains 5% alcohol by volume - libations have never been so fun!

So scoop, sprinkle on extra toppings for fun, and consider this an upgrade to your usual happy hour - appeasing your indulgent hankerings while adding a boozy touch to the mix.

The time has come to set the bar high for events with booze-infused pudding shots made fresh right here in New York City!

Spoonable Spirits
345 E 62nd Street, New York, NY 10065
(917) 846-5330

Spoonable Spirits started when founder Kelli Lipson wanted to make party food a lot more fun. Tired of the standard cupcake, she set out to re-create & improve on her sweetest college memory: Jell-o Shots. She experimented with recipes until successfully creating her line of fresh & delicious boozy puddings & jellos served in festive jars.

After working for 6 years for Food Network star Sandra Lee, Lipson translated her knowledge into this fabulous idea. From grown-up renditions of childhood favorites like Spiked Birthday Cake to party-ready showstoppers like Whiskey Rolos, Spoonable Spirits will take your drinking experience to a whole new level!

Swoon over the Social Sundae with notes of fresh whipped cream, vanilla pudding, raspberry jam, cake pieces, and vodka, while containing your excitement for more - and with 12 jars at 5% ABV each, you can't go wrong!

How sweet it is to spoon up something special...

Your $48 For Two 6-Packs (12 Jars Total; a $60 value) Includes:

  • Two 6-Packs (12 Jars Total) of Spoonable Spirits.
    • With your choice of flavors like Whiskey Rolos, Rum 'N' Cookie, Vanilla Vodka, Naughty Nutel-Latte, Cranberry Cosmo Jello and more.
  • By appointment pickup on the UES. $15 insulated shipping to anywhere in the Northeast US.

Spoonable Spirits boasts an astonishing 5 Star rating on Yelp with reviews including:

  • "OMG, WHERE DO I START? I remember when I first heard about this place and I wanted to try so bad. After the first spoonful I fell in love and have been ever since! My favorite flavor is the Nutel-Latte. It's a whipped chocolate latte pudding with Nutella on the bottom and chocolate chips. What's not to love, amirite? Go try....like now!"

  • "LOVE Spoonable Spirits - The real question is: who doesn't love jello shots? These are way better than the red and green ones you had in college. The flavors own up to their names 100%. I love the Rose Your Boat but try them all!"

  • "Alcohol infused jello shots and pudding shots too!!!! Who ever decided to bring this treat back for the college grads is incredible. These are delicious and you can definitely taste the alcohol in them."

Spoonable Spirits's Website | Yelp

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  • No tax.

  • By appointment pickup on the UES. $15 insulated shipping to anywhere in the Northeast US.

  • Expires on Friday November 20, 2020.