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My Italian ancestors brought ice cream to Scotland in the 1800s. First up – my great, great, great grandfather, Achille, who moved from his small mountaintop town of Picinisco, Italy to Glasgow, Scotland. He made ice cream at home and sold it from a pushcart as he walked the city streets. Eventually he opened his own ice cream shop and brought his sons into the business. The family business continued with my great, great grandfather, Giovanni, who opened several of his own shops around Glasgow in the 1900s. My great grandfather, Federico, continued the family ice cream tradition and opened shops throughout Scotland and England and eventually became the President of the Ice Cream Alliance of Great Britain. Following in the ice cream tradition, I began to experiment with putting a modern boozy twist on ice cream. I wanted to combine the best of both worlds and infuse traditional ice cream flavors with different liquors. I finally perfected the recipes and came up with creamy, tipsy and delicious treats!