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Social Club
$49 For 3 Invigorating Boutique Fitness Classes, SoHo (a $105 value)
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Lift your spirits & your derrière at Social Club, a high-energy, calorie-torching spot that infuses heart-pumping, smile-inducing vibes into epic workouts, all within a chic studio in SoHo helmed by Harper's Bazaar-praised trainer, Javi Perez and his team.

Grab your $49 pulse (a $105 value) for 3 Boutique Fitness Classes that will burn up to 400 calories in one session, all while you tone, tighten, and strengthen muscles from head to toe.

Having hit the fitness scene by storm with his talent, incredible attitude and skills as a Head Trainer during his time at ModelFIT (whose clientele list includes supermodels like Miranda Kerr & Karlie Kloss), Perez formed Social Club to inspire positive change through movement - plus, working out should be as fun as it is effective!

There are 3 class types - socialSCULPT (low-impact, high-energy format using equipment & bodyweight resistance), CARDIOclub (low-impact, high-energy dance cardio inspired by dance & functional training), and CardioSculpt (half socialSCULPT, half CARDIOclub, this full-body burn is non-stop and oh-so sweaty!).

No matter what Social Club class calls to you, each will challenge your mental and physical flexibility, strengthen muscles you didn’t even know you had, and empower you to live life with more joy...

Social Club
182 Lafayette Street


Social Club is so much more than a fitness class - it's a rush of endorphins, stress-reduction, confidence-building, and exclusively tailored to elevate your overall wellbeing. Led by master trainers who will motivate your from start to finish, Social Club is a community will make you feel powerful, strong, and beautiful from the inside out.

Wherever you are on your fitness journey, Social Club is ready to help you get to that next level. Their classes are built for everyone to succeed - from beginners to fitness professionals - incorporating low-impact, sweat-dripping movements that will have you feeling pushed to the limit in the best way possible.

Social Club's team is helmed by Olympic gymnast, 2x cheerleading World Champion, professional dancer, and former ModelFIT Head Trainer Javi Perez. They'll guide you every step of the way to ensure you get the most out of every session and feel successful along your journey.

Each class has its own particular style, with all carrying the common thread of having an amazing time throughout. You'll burn fat, tighten your core, and shed inches so you can flaunt your physique, carefree:

  • socialSCULPT - 55 minutes of guided, form-focused exercise using a combination of equipment and bodyweight resistance for a full-body burn. Low impact but heart-rate boosting format approaches strength training with precision.

  • CARDIOclub - 55 minutes where your instructor will guide you through low impact, high energy dance cardio movements to get your heart rate up and your endorphins pumping. Inspired by dance and functional training, this class is as smart, challenging, fun and invigorating.

  • CardioSculpt - 55 minutes, combining half socialSCULPT + half CARDIOclub. A sweat-dripping, muscle-toning, fat-burning session for all levels that follows the rhythm of the music, as your instructor takes you through a non-stop, high energy workout.

Social Club is ready to make you rethink working out, and fall in love with fitness. You may view the full class schedule here.

Social Club shines with an impeccable 5 Stars on Google from reviews including:

  • "These workouts are everything. Heart-pumping, full of energy, and so much fun, all while sweating off the calories I will most definitely indulge in later. I take a few classes a week at the studio in SoHo and it's so much more than a workout. Highly recommend."

  • "Best out there! Trainers’ energy is very uplifting. Killer workouts too!"

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