Shape House
$39 For A 55 Minute Infrared Sweat Session (a $70 Value)
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Known as the place where A-listers cinch their bodies before walking the Academy Awards red carpet, Shape House brings intense calorie burn, detoxification, cardiovascular health, and stress relief to New Yorkers - all in one state-of-the-art wellness treatment.

Grab this $39 pulse (a $70 value) for a 55 Minute Infrared Sweat Session, and torch between 800-1,600 calories while reclining comfortably in Shape House's proprietary infrared bed.

Shape House's FAR infrared technology, a radiant form of nourishing heat, makes you release toxins, heavy metals, and fat as the body works hard to maintain its regular temperature through thermoregulation. This results not just in weight loss, but also in glowing skin, and the deepest sleep of your life.

See why stars from Selena Gomez to Kim Kardashian swear by this all-in-one wellness ritual; you'll leave feeling like you've shed several pounds - and several years...

Shape House
34 West 17th Street
(855) 567-2346

Recommended by the likes of Elle Magazine to E! to Well+Good, Shape House is an urban sweat lodge that blends ancient therapeutic traditions with cutting-edge science to reveal a sleeker, stronger, and calmer you.

You will change into a comfortable, soft sweat suit before being tucked into a custom Infrared bed in a soothing, darkened room. All you then have to do is relax, watch Netflix, and sip Kangen alkaline water as your body goes through a unique transformation.

The infrared heat will soon increase your blood flow, open your pores and release stored toxins; meanwhile, stubborn fat deposits will be loosened at high temperatures and exit the body through sweat.

During your 55 Minute Infrared Sweat Session, your body will burn in excess of 800 calories in order to stabilize its temperature. This metabolic boost lasts for a 36-hour period after the session, resulting in up to an extra 800 calories burnt after your session has ended - a total burn of up to 1,600 calories!

Of the mind-body altering effects, Sweat House devotee Selena Gomez put it best: "It changed my skin, it's changed my body as well. You feel so incredible." We'll have what she's having please!

Shape House impresses with an incredible 4.5 stars on Yelp, including:

  • "The whole experience is amazing. The atmosphere when you walk in, sweat sesh itself, relaxation room after with tea and orange's a whole experience and I highly recommend it."

  • "OBSESSED. Honestly, it's therapy for me. You really sweat out all the bad vibes, tension, alcohol (hehe), and stress you've been carrying around. After sweat sessions I always feel lighter, have smoother skin, and feel like I can relax."

Valid at all 4 Sweat House NYC locations:

  1. Flatiron: 34 West 17th Street, New York, NY 10011.
  2. UES: 1316 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10128.
  3. UWS: 50 West 86th Street, New York, NY 10024.
  4. Dumbo: 160 Water Street, New York, NY 11201.

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  • May purchase unlimited vouchers for personal use or for gifting.

  • Appointments required.

  • Expires on Friday September 20, 2019.