Hudson Boxing Gym
$19 For Three 5-Star Rated Semi-Private Boxing Classes, Tribeca (a $120 Value)

Train with an absolute fitness legend! Celebrity & VIP-exclusive trainer, Ricardo Andre, will help you torch calories, build strength, improve balance and relieve stress all in one 60 minute session. The boxing giant shows you the ropes, will improve your form, and have you sparring with the best in no time!

Grab your $19 pulse (a $120 value) for Three 60-Minute Semi-Private Boxing Classes with Ricardo Andre Fitness (Founder & CEO of Hudson Boxing Gym), whose 15 years in the industry will help you crush your fitness goals, all while having an absolute blast!

A full body cardio & strength workout, boxing improves agility, coordination, reactivity, and builds core strength like no other HIIT program. As you jab, cross and kick, you'll be burning 800 calories an hour, whether you're looking to tone and tighten or increase your stamina, your fitness resolutions are within sight.

A fighting spirit is all you need to start off on your transformational fitness journey, and Ricardo will take care of the rest, setting you up with one-on-one attention to perfect your stance, positioning and technique.

Throw on some gloves, let Ricardo pump you up, let out your frustration on the bags, and leave it all in the ring...


Situated in the luxurious Tribeca neighborhood, Ricardo Andre Fitness takes place within Andre's 5 Star Yelp Rated Hudson Boxing Gym. The locale's vibrant, eye-popping murals, and supportive & judgment-free atmosphere will spur you on as you swing hooks and uppercuts obliterating your punching bag opponent.

Ricardo Andre's impressive career as a professional boxer is the basis for his training. Utilizing his expertise in the ring, he has devised a program suitable for all fitness levels that will get you into tip-top shape, strengthen your core, increase lung capacity, and improve cardiovascular health.

Set yourself free of anger and frustrations relieving stress and letting go of tension with each well-executed jab. As the endorphins flow and sweat drips, you'll leave not only feeling stronger physically, but mentally as well.

Let Ricardo teach you how to rotate to get full extension, and see your your fitness goals come into reach...

Ricardo Andre Fitness offers over 30 classes, 7 days per week. You may view the full class schedule here.

Hudson Boxing Gym receives an outstanding 5 Stars on Yelp from 15+ reviews including:

  • "A really great balanced & challenging workout, focused on technique, strength, and cardio. Ricardo is hands-on and gives great feedback."

  • "If you want to learn actual technique AND get some good cardio, this is the place. I've been training martial arts for 12 years now, and one thing I can say is that I love the way Ricardo trains compared to others. Focuses on getting people comfortable with the unknown, instead of repeating the same combinations over and over again until you zone out like I've experienced elsewhere. Never a dull moment. I also love the camaraderie - it feels like a family!"

  • "Ricardo's class by far exceeded my expectations. He offers not only a great conditioning workout, but also is one of the only classes I've taken that focuses on form and technique. All levels of experience are welcome. If you are looking for a fun/challenging workout or actually want to learn to fight, Ricardo has something for you."

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