Mind Body Project
$59 For 3 HIIT + Meditation Classes, Chelsea (a $111 value)

Challenge yourself physically and discover a deep sense of mental clarity at Mind Body Project in Chelsea, where meditation & high-intensity interval training merge for the optimal holistic wellness experience (and a ton of calories burned) in a modern, bright space akin to a spa retreat.

Grab your $59 pulse (a $111 value) For 3 HIIT + Meditation Classes at Mind Body Project. You'll improve your mind and body in one cohesive class, that includes a 5 minute breathwork warmup to ground you in the space and prepare you for the sweaty, heart-pumping, calorie-torching session ahead.

The next 40 minutes are dedicated to movement ranging from an active warmup all the way to HIIT via bodyweight exercises, TRX, and dumbbells. The final 5 minutes are geared towards rediscovering your mental calmness & sending you off with a feeling of focus & clarity.

You can also expect a space tailored to make your time at Mind Body Project even more blissful - think showers, private lockers, luxe toiletries, and even Dyson hair dryers so you can be back on your way without skipping a beat.

This is your path to a strong body and a clear mind...


At Mind Body Project, fitness goes well beyond a sleek core and slender glutes - it's all about finding the connection between mindfulness and strength from head to toe, inside and out, merging meditative practices with high intensity interval training that will transform your relationship with working out in the city.

The 3,300-square-foot space is awash in tranquil, calming elements that bring contemporary feels and natural influences into your time at this haven. Architect Nathan Bright designed the spot, infusing it with unique materials like Euro­pean oak, porcelain tile, and eye-catching wall decor.

Once you enter the studio, soft lighting is placed between yoga mats embedded in the floor, gently illuminating your class, which kick off with guided breathwork, moving on to yoga, heating things up with HIIT and TRX, and finalizes in meditation.

The whole experience will reduce stress & anxiety, increase mental clarity, calm & focus, provide an effective, comprehensive workout in a short amount of time, and increase your metabolism. After class, chill out in the lounge’s hammock, or shower off in the fully-stocked locker rooms.

Connect with your body and your sense of self - all while shedding pounds and feeling powerful from top to tail...

You may view the full class schedule here.

Mind Body Project gets New Yorkers in shape, repping a superb 5 Stars on Yelp from reviews including:

  • "Beautiful studio! The workout is unique and challenging but approachable, and the instructors are so attentive and supportive."

  • "I tried my first HIIT class in nearly 4 years. Kendra is an insanely talented instructor. She's funny, she'll keep an eye on your form and she has great energy. It's beautiful, welcoming, and zen. I felt amazing afterwards. The shower area is also really nice. Big big fan of the Dyson hair dryers, too! A solid workout."

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The Fine Print
  • May purchase 1 voucher for personal use and unlimited for gifting.

  • Expires Friday May 12, 2023.

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