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Maison Marcel
35% Off Bottles of Award Winning Provence Rosé Wines (a $51 value)
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Maison Marcel is crafted with love, where the grapes grow wild and the wine flows free. Their bottles are praised by Oprah, and are filled with body, flavor, and soul, bringing the bright, crisp joys of this blush-hued beverage straight to your doorstep.

Grab your $33 pulse (a $51 value) for 3 Bottles of Rosé Wine, best when savored neat & chilled at the beach, for a lovely park picnic, or on the rocks by the pool - however you sip, expect radiance.

Alternatively, your $63 pulse (a $102 value) for 6 Bottles of Rosé Wine is perfect for sharing the love with your friends and family.

Experience the ideal balance of crisp, bright tasting notes with luscious hints of peach and lychee, leaning on an infusion of grenache, merlot, and black muscat. Not too sweet, not too dry, Maison Marcel's rosé is far more than très bien - c'est manifique!

This particular expression is made with love, and an immense passion for viticulture, capturing the soft pink essence of its native appellation in the South of France. Its roots run deep, and each bottle's unique characteristics result in a tremendously well-balanced provincial rosé.

J'aime le rosé, all day, every day...

Maison Marcel
New York, NY


Celebrated in Oprah Magazine and UsWeekly as the official sip of summer, Maison Marcel Rosé is a delectable, Provence-born wine that evokes the carefree, breezy vibes of the season, bottled to perfection.

Mr. Marcel - the founder’s grandfather- was a bon vivant who loved dry rosé. His darling preferred things on the sweeter side, and turned him down when he brought her a classic rosé. That night, he spent hours coming up with the perfect recipe. Darling took one sip of Marcel’s creation and the rest was history.

Your senses will become enchanted by intriguing whispers of subtle fruit, with a rose undertone and a fragrant, delicate sweetness that is just the right amount to still be considered dry. A bouquet of white peach, lychee and elderflower will deliver crisp and refreshing palatable sensations - a symphony for your olfactory system.

Such undeniably exquisite and clear flavors reflect the rich terroir of the South of France, and with a romantic backstory to boot, this lush vintage proves that some things are just meant to be.

A unique take on the classic French rosé, Maison Marcel is a true winner amongst rosé revelers. Drink up and cheers to the good vibes...

Your $33 For 3 Bottles of Rosé Wines (a $51 value) Includes:

  • 3 Bottles of Maison Marcel Signature Rosé delivered to your door.
  • Includes tax.

Your $63 For 6 Bottles of Rosé Wines (a $102 value) Includes:

  • 6 Bottles of Maison Marcel Signature Rosé delivered to your door.
  • Includes tax.

Detailed Wine Descriptions:

  • Maison Marcel Signature Rosé
    • Black Muscat 55% Grenache 30% White Muscat 10% Merlot 5%.
    • Soft pink essence from Southern French.
    • Characteristics are a well-balanced provincial Rosé married with a touch of Black Muscat.
    • Vibrant tasting notes of white peach, lychee and elderflower.
    • Enticing notes of ripe fruit, soft rose perfume and an aromatic, subtle sweetness.

Maison Marcel's Website | Instagram | Signature Rosé

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