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Lamia's Fish Market
$15 Vampire Masquerade Open Bar Halloween Party, East Village ($36 value)

You're invited to partake in a night like no other, where romance and mystery entwine under the moonlight. Welcome to the Vampire Masquerade: Love At First Bite Halloween Party at Lamia's Fish Market! Starting at 11:00pm on Saturday October 28, 2023, find yourself drawn to the darkly alluring locale, where the line between the living and the undead blurs.

Grab your $15 GA Ticket (a $36 value) that gets you admission to summon the spirits at this seductive soirée, as well as Access To A 1 Hour Open Bar Featuring Vodka Cocktails from 11:00pm-12:00am.

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the shadows, to explore the allure of the unknown, and to embrace your deepest desires? As the sun sets on this Halloween weekend, glide like a ghost through 6 stunning aquatic-themed rooms, each with their own enchanting presentation that will wow your senses.

Marvel as you mix, dance, and drink elixirs from the open bar that will make your senses tingle, as you mingle with others who have surrendered to the night's irresistible call. Sink your teeth into hauntingly delicious food (for purchase) and satiate even the most discerning of tastes.

The DJs will play the monster mashes & the ghoulish jams, so take a bite out of the big apple and devour every second...


Vampires may need to wait for the sun to set, but you sure don’t! At The New York Times, Eater, Thrillist, Time Out, and The Infatuation-applauded East Village jewel, Lamia's Fish Market, unearth a world of seduction and satisfaction, fueled by the energy of blood-sucking New Yorkers and never-ending drinks!

Stare in awe at the bewitching decor by award-winning designers Dara Young & artists Will Kurtz, Brian Ferrell, & Michela Martello, finding secret corners for mischief in the Octopus Room, the Grotto, the Boat Room and the like.

At this bewitching soirée, a one-hour open bar awaits you, allowing you to indulge in libations that will awaken your inner vampire. As you revel in this nocturnal celebration, you'll be serenaded by DJ-fueled fang-tastic music, beckoning you to the dance floor.

The air will be electric with energy and desire, as you move in the mysterious embrace of the night. Don't forget to wear your masquerade mask, for it's not just your identity you'll be concealing - it's your secret cravings too. It's an evening where the supernatural meets the extraordinary, a night of eternal romance where love might truly begin with a bite.

Let the night take you on a journey into the unknown, where love, mystery, and desire converge under the moon's bewitching glow...

Your $15 GA Ticket (an $36 value) Includes:

  • Admission To The Vampire Masquerade Halloween Party from 11:00pm until 4:00am on Saturday October 28, 2023 at Lamia's Fish Market.
  • 1 Hour Open Bar Featuring Vodka Cocktails from 11:00pm-12:00am.
  • Live DJ Performances.
  • Food available for purchase.

Lamia's Fish Market's Website | Vampire Masquerade

The Fine Print
  • May purchase as many tickets as you like for personal use or for gifting.

  • Event runs from 11pm-4am; Open Bar runs from 11pm-12am.

  • Expires Saturday October 28, 2023.