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Grand Seoul
$59 For A 3 Course Dinner For Two With A Bottle Of Soju (a $93 Value)
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Inspired by the authentic eateries lining the streets of JongRo, Grand Seoul serves intoxicatingly flavorful traditional dishes and fire-grilled Korean BBQ in a modern-chic setting.

Grab your $59 pulse (a $93 value) for a sensational 3 Course Dinner For Two, and tuck into 1 Appetizer, 1 Bibimbap, 1 Korean BBQ, and 1 Bottle of Soju or Rice Wine, or 2 Beers.

It all starts with the crispy Kimchi Pancake or the springy Japchae, sweet potato glass noodles stir-fried with beef, 5-color vegetables and sweet sesame-soy sauce.

Meanwhile, your server will fire up the tabletop grill to cook a selection of cuts like Fresh Beef Short Ribs and Rib Eye, to be dipped into salted sesame oil or wrapped in lettuce with ssamjang and scallion-chiffonade.

This alchemy of fire, fresh meat, salt, and housemade dips is a visceral and inimitable pleasure, particularly when shared among friends with rounds of chilled Soju.

It's a bona fide taste of Seoul in the heart of New York City...

Grand Seoul
85 Chrystie Street
(212) 226-5555

Nestled on the bustling Chrystie Street, Grand Seoul adheres to the jipbap philosophy of cooking the freshest natural ingredients, often nose-to-tail, with simplicity, passion, and hospitality.

For an appetizer, the Haemul Pancake is crisp and complex with savory morsels of fresh calamari, bell peppers, and scallion. No less delicious are the little complimentary side dishes (banchan) and a steaming pot of savory egg soufflé.

As the tabletop grill heats up, you'll be served a sizzling hotpot of Bibimbap: rice topped with lightly dressed greens, wild-foraged herbs, mushrooms, beef or tofu, and topped with a sunny-side-up egg. The rice continues to crisp inside the pot as you stir in the sweet & spicy gochujang sauce and break up the fried egg.

For the main event, try the Marinated Beef Short Ribs or the Boneless Prime Short Rib; wrapped in lettuce, topped with grilled kimchi or mushroom, or simply enjoyed with salt, you'll be able to taste the elemental flavors of perfectly tender meat.

Such a feast definitely calls for a round of toast. Try the Soju, subtly sweet Rice Wine or a Korean beer and say, gunbë!

All selections will be made from the restaurant's full dinner menu.

Your $59 Dinner for Two (a $93 Value) Includes:

  • 1 Appetizer (up to a $19 value).
  • 1 Bibimbap (up to a $17 value).
  • 1 Korean BBQ (up to a $40 value).
  • 1 Bottle of Soju or Rice Wine (up to a $17 value), or 2 Beers (up to an $8 value each).

Grand Seoul scores an astounding 4.5 stars out of 60+ reviews on Yelp, including:

  • "What can I say about Grand Seoul that wouldn't be a grand understatement. The meats, the banchan, the drinks are all 'chef's kiss'. From the moment we walked in we received impeccable service and felt so well taken care of. The meat was sooo perfect and delicious I especially loved the brisket rolled with the bean sprouts and garlic :D"

  • "Had an amazing meal here! High quality meat and really great side dishes (banchan) and soups (dwenjangjigae and mul naengmyun) make this such a great, complete meal! You can tell they really put some extra TLC into their dishes!"

Grand Seoul's Website | Yelp

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