Gentle Perch
$25 5 Star Yelp Rated Korean Southern BBQ Dinner For Two & Bottle of Wine
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Set your sights on Williamsburg, and head to Gentle Perch, an Infatuation-featured Korean Southern BBQ experience that reps some of the most authentic, succulent fare your taste buds have yet to savor.

Grab your $25 pulse (a $66 value) for a Korean Southern BBQ Dinner For Two that includes 1 Korean Southern BBQ Platter, 1 Bottle of Red, White, Rosé or Sparkling Wine or 2 Bottles of Soju.

As you pour yourself a few glasses of rosé, or opt for traditional Korean Soju, you'll begin to salivate over the scents of fine meats, marinated to perfection in an array of sauces and cooked sublimely over a fiery grill.

Your feast will be served adjacent red & perilla leaves, sticky rice, cucumber pickles, ssamjang spicy dipping sauce, and your choice of 2 sides, be it the fan-favorite Kimchi Fried Rice, Carolina Cole Slaw, or Mac & Yam.

The main attraction will be the freshly carved viands, namely juicy Bulgogi BBQ Brisket, as well as dreamy DJ Pork Belly - both mouthwatering and worthy of devoted carnivorous appetites.

Clink your libations, take in the outdoor scenes along the sidewalk, and consider dinner your new "most important" meal of the day...

Gentle Perch
112 Graham Avenue
(929) 298-0041

Give your senses a transportive thrill ride at Gentle Perch, a local secret that is taking the Williamsburg dining scene by storm with its unforgettable, drool-inducing Korean Southern BBQ eats, also elevated by a decadent, curated list of wines and soju.

Let a robust Malbec be the catalyst that sets your foodie heart aflame, or take a note from Seoul and sip on a couple of bottles of Tong Soju, heightened by notes of ginseng and paired perfectly with the abundant banquet that follows.

The Gochujang BBQ Chicken will have you feeling fine, especially when sided by Kimchi Pork Baked Bean Stew and Korean Coleslaw - a match made in epicurean heaven when you see the array of other dazzling accoutrements that come with your platter.

Don't miss out on what the neighborhood is buzzing about, and give your palate the chance to dine on what can only be described as purely phenomenal...

All selections will be made from the restaurant's full dinner menu.

Your $25 For A Dinner for Two (a $66 Value) Includes:

  • 1 Korean Southern BBQ Platter (up to a $26 value).
    • Chef's Selection of Korean Southern BBQ Meats.
    • Red & perilla leaves.
    • Sticky rice.
    • Cucumber pickles.
    • Ssamjang spicy dipping sauce.
    • Your choice of 2 sides.
  • 1 Bottle of Red, White, Rosé or Sparkling Wine (a $40 value) or 2 Bottles of Soju (up to an $18 value each).

Gentle Perch is a true local favorite, earning a marvelous 5 Stars on Yelp from 70+ reviews including:

  • "Literally the best place for Korean food! The vibe is super chill and the music and staff are amazing, so it fits with the Williamsburg energy. Sooooo good. I studied abroad in South Korea and haven't been able to get the same quality of food since I've been back, until I came to Gentle Perch. Totally recommend!"

  • "WOW. Discovered this spot. My wife and I had the Bulgogi Brisket - so great and so tender and perfect. Super professional, kind and helpful. I just finished and I can't wait to go again!"

  • "This is an ABSOLUTE gem. There's really great ambiance for either dinner, with very attentive and friendly employees. I've been here three times!"

Gentle Perch's Website | Yelp

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