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Up To 50% Off Float Therapy, Infrared Sauna Or Salt Cave Treatments
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Revitalize your senses and restore your well-being at Floating Lotus, NYC's top luxury wellness center located just two blocks south of Central Park. Start your journey towards wholeness with your choice of 3 tantalizing options.

Grab this $65 pulse (a $130 value) that gets you a choice of Two 30 Minute Salt Cave Sessions, Two 30 Minute Sauna Sessions or one of each.

Take a trip to the Dead Sea with the $79 pulse (a $150 value) that gets you One 60 Minute Float Therapy Session - the hottest trend in wellness with scientifically proven healing benefits for your mind and body.

Finally, the $225 pulse (a $450 value) for Three 60 Minute Float Therapy Sessions ensures that you have long-lasting stress relief, tranquility, and mental clarity throughout the season.

At the intersection of cutting-edge science and holistic traditions, Floating Lotus is where you will find balance and bliss as never before...

Floating Lotus
39 W 56th Street

Perched on the penthouse floor of a Neo-Classical townhouse near The Plaza Hotel, Floating Lotus is a serene haven for those who seek true mind-body wellness.

The philosophy here is treat guests holistically for emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being, in an elegant, sunlit space that seems a world removed from the stresses of NYC life.

The following treatments are as powerfully healing as they are pampering:

$65 For Your Choice of Two 30 Minute Sessions (a $130 Value)

  • Take your pick from Two 30 Minute Salt Cave Sessions, Two 30 minute Sauna Sessions or one of each. Sessions may be combined, or taken on separate visits.

  • Salt Cave Sessions - take place in a room made from thousands of pounds of Himalayan crystal salt bricks. Infrared heat beam lamps are used to warm the space, causing tiny particles of salt to fill the air. Just 30 minutes in a salt cave has been clinically proven to help reduce inflammation, sinus blockage and discomfort associated with allergies. Sessions can also treat issues related to asthma, bronchitis, stress, smoker’s cough and more. Takes place in a private room.

  • Sauna Sessions - You spend 30 minutes in a special sauna where infrared heaters penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate cellular detoxification. This helps the body’s healing process, while also dissolving away toxins and pollutants in your fat cells. These sessions can help to improve your immune system and treat pain, chronic fatigue and even anxiety.

$79 For One 60 Minute Float Therapy Session (a $150 Value)

  • Float Therapy Session - Float Therapy is a sensory deprivation treatment in which you are suspended in a tub of warm, Epsom salt water simulating a zero-gravity state. This innovative treatment is used by doctors and athletes to treat many issues, including chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. It also lowers inflammatory response by reducing cortisol, lactic acid, and adrenaline, decreases stress, and leads to a relaxed yet alert mental state that’s associated with meditation. Takes place in a private room.

$175 For One 60 Minute Float Therapy Session For TWO (a $300 Value)

  • Float Therapy Session For Two - as above, but for two people.

$119 For A Holistic Spa Day For One (a $215 Value)

  • Start your spa day with a choice of a 30 minute Salt Cave Session or a 30 minute Sauna Session (a $65 value).
  • Followed by a 60 minute Float Therapy Session (a $150 value).

New Yorkers give Floating Lotus an incredible 4.5 star rating from 260+ reviews on Yelp, including:

  • "This place is amazing. A fantastically relaxing break from everyday life. I would recommend this place to anyone, and can't wait to go back!"

  • "This place is heaven in midtown! Completely zen spa atmosphere with beautiful attention to detail. The float room air smells like fresh rain. The owners and staff are the sweetest, most attentive people in the world. I cannot say enough good things about this place."

  • "I highly recommend anyone who wants to have a floating experience to come here. I also combined it with the salt sauna which was incredible as well."

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