$29 For 6 Curated Bottles of Wine & Free Delivery (a $119 value)
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Cozy up to bottles of the finest wine from around the world all season long, delivered to your door from the Refinery29-applauded Firstleaf! Their bespoke service is fine-tuned to handpick bottles that your palate will adore the most - think carefree, so you can savor without the hassle!

Grab your $29 pulse (a $119 value) for 6 Curated Bottles of Wine & Free Delivery. Answer a few short questions about your wine preferences to begin shaping your custom tasting profile. Each shipment is a unique combination of wines selected specifically for you.

From rich terroirs & gorgeous hues, to zesty tannins and dreamy tasting notes, each bottle is sourced from unique, small-batch wineries & winemakers whose marvelous vintages are as coveted as they are magnificent. Plus, Firstleaf's industry-leading, patent-pending technology matches you up with wines your taste buds are set to love.

Expect award-winning bottles of Longitude 120 West Cabernet Sauvignon from California, or the La Belle France Bordeaux Rouge from Bordeaux - not to mention whites such as Caduto dalle Nuvole Pinot Grigio from Italy.

Your bar cart is so ready for this...

New York, NY


As the temperatures drop, heat things up with a box full of gorgeous wines from Firstleaf! Their team has analyzed billions of wines and targets your individual preferences, and with over 1,000,000 customer ratings, their system can predict what wines you will love with unprecedented accuracy.

Firstleaf utilizes their inventory, matching you to bottles that resonate with your unique tasting profile. Their professionally trained team is on hand to assist you so that you can get the most out of your wine club experience.

But before you uncork these luscious swigs, you'll partake in a quiz that figures out what your taste buds crave the most - oaky, sweet, dry, acidic, smooth, spicy...the list goes on! If you desire it, you can expect your vino to fit your particular fancy.

Next up, you'll wait for your prized sips to arrive, without the added cost of shipping! The custom assemblage will make your oenophile heart sing with excitement, and if you have any questions, or just want to talk wine, Firstleaf's Wine Concierge team is always standing by!

Open up that box, pour, and enjoy!

Your $29 For 6 Bottles (a $119 value) Includes:

  • A Curated Selection of 6 Bottles of Wines Selected to match your taste profile.
  • Complimentary shipping of your wines.

Firstleaf will make wine lovers swoon, as proven by their Consumer Voice Score rating of 4.9 out of 5 from over 2,325+ reviews. They are also rated Number 1 amidst Consumer Voice's Top Five Wine Clubs.

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The Fine Print
  • May purchase unlimited vouchers for personal use and for gifting.

  • Includes complimentary shipping.

  • Subscription automatically renews, you may cancel any time after your first box ships.

  • Tax & $1 order fee charged upon redemption.

  • New customers only.

  • Expires on Friday March 18, 2022.