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Amp up the power factor on your workout at EVF Performance's CrossFit-based classes that will give you some serious shape and definition, subsequently boosting your self-confidence and building up your social circle.

Grab this $49 pulse (a $165 value) for 5 heart-pumping EVF 360 Classes that will strengthen your body, increase your stamina and soothe your mind.

Burn excess fat into lean muscle with the $89 pulse (a $320 value) that gets you 10 EVF 360 Classes, each of which will provide you with an incredible workout - and incredible results!

Finally, if you are up for the challenge of getting in the best shape of your life, the $79 pulse (a $195 value) for 1 Month of Unlimited EVF 360 Classes will ensure that you get there.

With a concentration on fun and functionality, EVF Performance is your new go-to escape when you need to hammer out some city stress, relax your mind or just get some well-deserved high-fives from your classmates...

EVF Performance
559 West 59th Street
(212) 757-6035

Founder and leader, Eric Von Frohlich, is one of the most sought-after fitness experts in the country, appearing in major publications such as Shape, Fitness, Health, Redbook, and Cosmopolitan. His business partner and wife, Debra Strougo Frohlich (Equinox, Crunch, SCLA and NYSC), also brings a ton of experience to the table.

However, don't let the smiling faces fool you - EVF Performance’s 360 Classes are as challenging as they are enjoyable, and if you’re hoping to get the most out of your next workout, look no further.

EVF Performance is a force to be reckoned with, and their top-of-the-line equipment and versatile “Workout of the Day” varies with each class and can be modified to adapt to your level. Beginner or pro, they will welcome you with toned, open arms.

The studio offers 4 distinct types of EVF 360 Classes, giving you a one-stop destination for all your fitness needs:

  • EVF 360 - A 60 minute, signature, no-barbell strength & conditioning high intensity program. This is the studio's most popular type of class.

  • EVF 360 Row - A 60 minute full-body strength and conditioning workout combining the cardio benefits of rowing with sculpting and conditioning sections.

  • EVF 360 Gymnastics - 60 minutes dedicated to help improve the various gymnastics skills, by focusing on technique and movement.

  • EVF 360 Express - A 30 minute version of EVF 360.

So whether you are in search of a new squad or are aching to get back into shape, EVF Performance will get you there. Your body will thank you...

EVF Performance offers 50+ EVF 360 Classes, from early until late, 7 days a week. You may view the full class schedule here.

EVF Performance packs a punch on Yelp, with 4.5 stars from 30+ reviews including:

  • "Great workout, great instructors, great community. The gym is clean, the service is good and the workouts are tough! Love coming here and highly recommend."

  • "EVF is a cross fit gym which would usually scare the heck out of me but this hour long EVF 360 class is my favorite... It is a combination of strength and conditioning comprised of solely body weight movements and indoors, you add kettlebells, free weights, and boxes."

Valid at both EVF Performance locations in NYC:

  1. Columbus Circle: 559 West 59th Street, NY, NY 10019.
  2. UES: 1623 York Avenue, NY, NY, 10028.

EVF Performance's Website | Yelp

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