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Hook, jab, cross, upper cut - after a few visits to Bout Fight Club, consider the aforementioned terminology a part of your lexicon. The downtown boutique boxing studio is bringing their unique brand of training to the ring, shaping bodies and strengthening physiques one punch at a time.

Grab your $45 pulse (a $90 value) for 3 Classes at this 5 Star Yelp Rated studio to knock out stress, increase cardiovascular health, and burn up to 500 calories in just one 60-minute session.

Get a real blow by blow with the $69 pulse (a $140 value) for 5 Classes where you'll partake in a duet of boxing and cardio circuits, utilizing pad, floor and bag work fit for all levels, whether you're a seasoned pro or a timid novice.

Define every muscle and tone from top to bottom thanks to the $129 pulse (a $260 value) for 10 Classes. With every hit, duck, squat, and the like, you'll increase hand-eye coordination, balance, core strength, posture, and more - it's the ultimate full body workout!

Tap into those killer instincts and go big, trying out the $229 (a $460 value) for 20 classes to completely transform your body, achieving overall better wellness and health, with the added benefit of slipping into your skinny jeans with ease.

Sleek interiors and a welcoming staff merge to create an atmosphere that makes finding a space to work out your woes and achieve your dream body a no brainer...

Bout Fight Club
139 Fulton Street
(646) 386-7014

Bout Fight Club is all about getting to the core (and sculpting your core) of full circle fitness. No pretension, just 100 pounds of therapy dangling from a chain, begging to help you forget whatever's been burdening your mind.

"Welcome to a workout that lets you work your demons out," they say at Bout, and from the moment your gloves hit the bag, you'll understand why. The spot garners incredible reviews and a devoted following that flocks to the contemporary space downtown.

Increase muscle tone and get some major fat-burning action going while you refine your technique under the guidance of Bout's highly-trained instructors. Think former Heavyweight Champions and a Golden Gloves Nationals winner being amongst the coach lineup.

You'll scorch serious calories, switching from cardio circuits to pads and bags to get your heart rate up and get the sweat flowing. Joints, tendons and ligaments will also get stronger as improved core stability and coordination make your hits faster, sharper, and more powerful after each visit.

Aside from the physical, the psychological benefits include stress-relief and a whole lot of confidence. Now, that's how we like to roll with the punches...

You may view the full class schedule here.

Bout Fight Club is a true heavyweight, with New Yorkers giving a spectacular 5 stars on Yelp from 10+ reviews including:

  • "Bout Fight Club is one of the best decisions I made in a long time. The trainers are patient and care about having you learn. They will take the time to have the slowest or least experienced person get up to speed. I highly recommend."

  • "Bout Fight Club is great! I've been a member since day 1 and I've learned so much and continue meeting my weight loss goals. All the trainers are professional boxers and teach technique as well. I recommend Bout for anyone interested in boxing or a dope summer/winter/fall/spring body."

  • "Was really timid about trying out boxing, but so glad I decided to give it a go and try Bout. The coaches are legit and super helpful. My arms are so sore in the best way possible and I'm officially addicted to Bout!"

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