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Combining the modalities of yoga, barre, and Pilates in one seamless, boutique location, Balance.Yoga.Barre. (BYB) is a 5 Star Yelp Rated Studio that specializes in building a long, lean, sculpted physique through intensely uplifting classes.

Grab this $49 pulse (a $200 value) for 10 Classes, and take your pick among BYB's multiple hot yoga, hot Pilates, barre, and core classes. You'll torch calories, lose inches and form shapely muscles by keeping your body challenged at every session.

Next, choose the $95 pulse (a $400 value) for 20 Classes and get into a head-turning shape, all while reducing stress, calming anxiety, and finding mind-body bliss.

With 35+ classes offered 7 days per week in a brand-new, gorgeously airy studio, Balance.Yoga.Barre. is an inspiring place to focus on your goals - and find your best self...

171 W 29th Street 3rd Floor
(917) 397-0295

Founded in 2013, Balance.Yoga.Barre.(BYB) incorporates the principles of yoga, ballet, and Pilates to improve fitness, tone muscles, and reinvigorate the spirit.

The studio's philosophy is simple: it believes exercise is a basic need for all humans, regardless of age, fitness level or health goals.

Take your pick from these 5 fabulous options, that promise to deliver workouts that promote wellness and inspire you to be your best!

Yoga - BYB's yoga classes are conducted in 85 to 95°F, optimizing your cardiovascular health and strengthening your muscles. Choose from Hot Yoga Flow in multiple levels to work up a sweat and burn major calories, or the restorative Yin & Myofascial Release class designed to restore the connective tissues and lengthen your muscles.

Pilates - Hot Pilates combines classic Pilates techniques with High Intensity Interval Training to maximize fat burning and muscle toning. You will use small hand weights, a Pilates ball, and Thera bands to work every muscle in your body without any impact on your joints.

Barre - This high-energy, low-impact workout creates a slender silhouette associated with a "dancer's body." Choose from Barre, BarreFrenzy (HIIT barre), or BarreFlow (barre followed by Vinyasa & Yin yoga) to meet your fitness needs.

Core - This stability and strength class held in mild heat will improve your posture and slim your waistline.

High, toned seat, svelte thighs, flat abs, and sculpted arms; Balance.Yoga.Barre. will transform you from head to toe - while giving you an unparalleled confidence boost!

You may view the full class schedule here.

Balance.Yoga.Barre. shines with an impeccable 5 stars out of 40+ reviews on Yelp, including:

  • "I love this place! they're a great workout and effective in building up muscles. I also took a few yoga classes with Christy and she is amazing!"

  • "I took my first Hot Yoga Flow class today and all I have to say is I LOVE IT. I got an amazing stretch and boy did I sweat!!! The guided breathing felt so good. I felt so very relaxed the entire time. The heat felt really good in my muscles."

  • "I've attended their Barre and Hot Yoga Class, both of which kicked some serious ass! it was an hour of upbeat, fun, exciting and kickass moves. There were a handful of times I didn't think I'd make it to the next set BUT the instructor was so uplifting and motivating!"

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