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The Global Oneness Project

Social Media Influencers and Upcoming Leaders: Join the Conversation and Promote Peace Across Cultures
3 West 51st Street | (212) 582-5454
Monday, May 13th, 2019
5:30PM - 8:00PM
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The Global Oneness Project was created out of a passion for the respect, equality and connectivity of all human beings. Their goal is to create a movement surrounded by the idea of oneness in the global community.

In the age of the Internet and the world of digital media creating all of Human Kind in connection with one another, the idea of “oneness” becomes more and more important. Social responsibility to self, community and global society has become more critical than ever in modern times.

The Global Oneness Project is a symposium that is lead by a panel of speakers that are digital media influencers in their respective industries, who will discuss and speak on the idea of oneness from their expert perspective and viewpoint. The talks will be followed by a short, moderated panel discussion on stage with all the speakers on the idea of oneness.