Three Jewels
Over 45% Off 5 Star Yelp Rated Boutique Yoga Classes, Bowery

Celebrated by Vogue & New York Magazine, Three Jewels is not your average yoga studio. The beautiful Bowery haven is a vibrant space that invokes extraordinary realizations through the nurturing practice of yoga, meditation, Buddhist philosophy and community outreach.

Grab your $59 pulse (a $111 value) For 5 Classes. With so many class offerings, you can target your experience to what your body & mind need the most. Whether you want to deepen your breathing, find flexibility, detox, recover, regain your center, or de-stress, you can find a class that's perfect for what your body craves.

Completely transform your mind, body, and spirit with this $89 pulse (a $172 value) For A 1 Month Unlimited Membership. Each class ends with meditation, but has its own focus. Expect sessions that focus on a restored core, hip-opening, strength training, inversions, and the like, offered every day.

The staff are highly trained and equally passionate, and will help you flow through each class with ease and comfort. The gorgeous, bright studio is filled with light, all the accoutrements you need for a more effective practice, and an on-site café.

So find bliss in class, and grab a matcha latte after - we feel zen already just thinking about it...

Three Jewels
5 East 3rd Street
(646) 964 5736

Applauded on CBS News, mindbodygreen, and making Byrdie's list of The "19 Yoga Studios Fit Folks Frequent in NYC," Three Jewels goes beyond yoga & meditation to bring enlightenment & community into your fitness journey, all so you can feel the connection and reap the benefits of these practices.

What began as a bookstore in 1996, has grown into a large community space with a complete meditation and yoga program based in authentic Tibetan Buddhism.

Three Jewels is not just a yoga studio - they're a space where people gather and train and support one another on the quest to achieve enlightenment. You’ll notice that many of the staff are trained volunteers. They contribute their time in the practice of karma yoga which is a spiritual practice to develop unconditional love.

The studio itself is stunning, repping open, light-drenched spaces within which to experience the multitude of class styles offered. You can also enjoy changing rooms with nods to nature via fresh greenery & wood tones, not to mention a café that serves up whatever you need to feel even more rejuvenated after class.

If you already enjoy yoga & meditation, or are a complete newbie, you've come to the right place no matter your level skill level...

With 40+ classes, each lasting between 30 to 75 minutes, offered from early until late 7 days per week, you will have every opportunity to experience this sensational feeling.

You may check out the full class schedule here.

Class styles include:

  • Bliss - Cultivate a blissful state of mind and open heart using a traditional rejoicing method called ‘Tar Tuk’ in Tibetan. Joy is a powerful tool for prosperity. Expect a fun vinyasa flow with poses that feel good. (might include: laughter, free dance, self-massage). The result: bliss, ripening karmic seeds, manifesting desires.

  • Breathe - Learn how to make your mind like a laser-beam using traditional methods for single-pointed focus. Expect a vinyasa flow with an emphasis on balancing poses and a deep focus on the breath. The result: clarity, brightness, ability to concentrate, lucidity.

  • Goals - Learn how to achieve your goals by creating new habits of mind. Embody the highest version of yourself. The result: self-confidence, self-love, achieving your dreams (whatever they may be).

  • Inner Guide - Tune in to your spiritual guides around and within you. Inner Guide is a challenging physical practice starting with numerous sun salutations and asana that encourages humility and reverence. Every pose will be an offering to your teachers. This will be a time for devotion and surrender. The result: connect to your highest wisdom and spiritual guides, enhanced intuition.

  • Love - Everyone always talks about how great unconditional love is. The truth is that it’s hard. It is a spiritual practice. Learn how to truly create a mind that loves everyone, including yourself. The result: happiness, developing unconditional love, forgiveness, dealing with difficult people and situations.

  • Purify - Use the power of intention, focus and traditional Tibetan methods to drastically alter thought patterns that hurt or limit progress and joy. The result: disrupt and eliminate negative habits of mind, addictions, fears and patterns.

  • Self-Care - Many sages say simply: serve others as if it were yourself. This radical Tibetan practice is called Tonglen, or "giving and taking". This class will use the light of wisdom and compassion to destroy suffering in the world. Expect to move through a fiery vinyasa flow that utilizes the breath to take away pain and give love. The result: fierce grace, fierce compassion, help others who are truly struggling.

  • Smile - Turn that frown upside down. In Buddhism, joyful effort is one of the 6 perfections. Happiness is something we create, not a random event. In this practice we will put in the work to expand the edges of our kindness and cultivate a state of joy. Expect a fun vinyasa flow with inversions. The result: happiness, radiance, dealing with difficult people and situations.

  • Chakra - This yoga sequence was created by Lady Niguma, the first recorded female yogi in history. This is the oldest written asana series ever discovered in the history of yoga. Her series is a practice that is designed to work explicitly with the chakras to liberate the practitioner from the grasp of suffering.

  • Wisdom - According to Buddhist sages, there is always more to the world, and our own mind, than what meets the eye. Aligning with this deeper level of reality helps us manage daily disappointments, prepare for challenges, and to find bliss in day-to-day situations. The result: insight and unshakeability during difficult times.

Three Jewels dazzles with a sparkling 5 Stars on Yelp from 70+ reviews including:

  • "My favorite yoga class I've ever taken. The perfect amount of challenging and it was lighthearted. Amazing environment and equipment. The teacher explained things well and corrected people on their form in a kind way! Thank you."

  • "Three Jewels is truly a gem. You do not need to be an expert or experienced yogi or meditation individual. The classes are amazing and truly enriched with knowledge and a deep foundation. Teachers always stay after classes to answer any questions. It's a clean and very zen place!"

  • "This place is magical. The coffee and vegan treats in the cafe are most excellent. And the teachers and members are wonderful and caring. Can't wait to go back. :)"

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