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Slim Up
Over 65% Off Laser Lipo Treatments & Slim Station Cardio Sessions
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Using state-of-the-art technology, the latest techniques, and an impressive lineup of adoring clientele, Slim Up is a chic haven of total transformation, offering the minimally-invasive treatments designed to unveil your most beautiful, empowered self.

Grab your $25 pulse (a $75 value) for a Slim Station Session. This is a workout like no other, involving 45 minutes of physical activity at your own pace, i.e. on a stationary bike, surrounded by infrared heat, LED lights, and tailored programs to stimulate your metabolism & burning up to 600+ calories!

Give your physique a makeover with the $39 pulse (a $125 value) for Laser Lipo For 2 Areas, 30-Minutes Per Area. The advanced device uses the latest in laser diode technology to target fat tissue with zero discomfort. The laser penetrates the fat cells and creates tiny holes in their membranes, causing fat cells to shrink.

In a gorgeously appointed space, you'll feel right at ease, welcomed by attentive staff before meeting a highly trained member of the team. They'll customize the treatments to best address your unique needs, making you feel entirely comfortable throughout - so much so, that this will feel akin to a spa visit!

Whether you crave sculpted legs, toned arms, a tight core or all of the above, let Slim Up take your health & wellness journey to the next level...

Slim Up NYC
252 West 38th Street
(212) 600-1635

Just steps from Bryant Park, let Owner Maritza Jonzier and her team use their extensive experience & research to get your body in tip-top shape, safely and effectively delivering healing, radiant attention to those in search of optimal wellness.

The Slim Station is revolutionary, combining cardio at your desired pace on a stationary bike circled by infrared panels to dive deeper into what infrared can accomplish - think internal & external detoxification, improved circulation, increased cell turnover, and, of course, weight loss!

Laser Lipo is another handy treatment that uses laser diodes to hone in on stubborn areas, causing fat cells to release stored fat, glycerol, and water into the body and then shrink. From ridding the body of cellulite & water weight, to shedding those last few extra pounds, get ready to be wowed.

Using the latest tech & tailoring each treatment to address all your particular concerns, the Slim Station and Laser Lipo will give you the boost you need to level up your journey towards the physique of your dreams - bikini season, here we come!

Full list of treatments, and their descriptions, may be found here.

Your $25 For A Slim Station Session (a $75 value) Includes:

  • Slim Station: A 45-minute unique cardio station system that uses infrared heat, LED lights, and tailored programs to stimulate your metabolism to deplete energy faster, burning more calories than any other physical activity you perform. Akin to a workout with an added boost of infrared detoxification and increased cell turnover.

Your $39 For Laser Lipo On 2 Areas (a $125 value) Includes:

  • Laser Lipo On 2 Areas, 30-Minutes Per Area: Target two specific stubborn areas like the stomach, legs, arms, back, buttocks, and the like, using a high-tech device that utilizes laser diodes to penetrate the fat cells, causing a reaction that shrinks fat cells at the source, leading to fat reduction. Each area will get 30 minutes of attention, and involves zero discomfort.

Slim Up boasts a stellar 4 Stars from 40+ Reviews on Yelp including:

  • "This place is great and staff is phenomenal - everyone is so attentive from the moment you arrive and the treatments are amazing."

  • "Had a 5 star experience with Carelina who was professional and friendly. She explained each step in the procedure."

  • "The service is always great. Maritza is very helpful with the treatment. I’ve seen great results. I highly recommend."

  • "Great service and knowledgeable staff. I'll definitely be back."

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