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Raaka Chocolate
45% Off Ice Cream & Chocolate Making Classes At NY Times Praised Chocolatier

We scream for ice cream, but we're also chocoholics, so why not immerse yourself in a deliciously sweet world of indulgence, living out your very own "Charlie & The Chocolate Factory" dream at New York Times favorite, Raaka Chocolate, an award winning chocolatier in Brooklyn.

Grab your $49 pulse (a $95 value) for a Hand-Churned Chocolate Ice Cream Making Class. Your experience includes Guided Instruction of the Ins & Outs, Hands-On Combining & Churning of the Ingredients, and A Chocolate Tasting, plus, savor 2 Take-Home Pints of Your Delicious Creation!

If your chocolate craving goes beyond the freeze, try the $59 pulse (a $109 value) for a Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Class at Raaka's factory, whose rich, chocolatey aromas will enchant you. Expect Guided Instruction on Creating Your Chocolate Bars, An Extensive Tasting of the Chocolates Made At Raaka, as well as A Bag of Your Own Mini Dark Chocolates to Take Home!

Whether you adore the chill, or hit the sweet spot via chocolate bars, their cacao is sourced from Öko Caribe in the Dominican Republic that supports healthy communities and sustainability.

From tasting, making, decorating, and of course, savoring, a day spent at Raaka is a magical treat for the taste buds!

Raaka Chocolate
64 Seabring Street
(855) 255-3354

Located in Brooklyn, the Raaka Chocolate factory is the home of indulgence with a passionate history. When Founder Ryan Cheney was introduced to raw chocolate on a beach in Thailand, it was love at first bite. He mastered the bean-to-bar basics, teamed up with friend & fellow gastronome Nate Hodge, and Raaka Chocolate was born.

Raaka builds each artisanal creation from scratch with single-origin cocoa in its Brooklyn factory. Creative methods range from steaming cacao nibs over simmering red wine and aging cacao in bourbon casks to making bars with whole coconut shreds, smoked chai, or ghost peppers. Raaka always brings out the best in each bean.

If you want to cool off with something sensational all summer, the ice cream making class, give it a whirl! Make your own batch of delicious, unroasted double chocolate ice cream, using their in-house vegan ice cream base. They'll talk you through the ins and outs of the science and technique, all before you combine the ingredients, adding in toppings like chocolate chips and crushed waffle cone pieces.

From there, you'll hand churn your ice cream with their old fashioned hand crank ice cream churners. They'll take you through a chocolate tasting in the downtime, and you'll go home with two pints of your own delicious creation!

If you prefer the classics, the chocolate making class can't be missed! Start from scratch by selecting the single origin cacao beans you want to use, winnow them, grind and mill them, temper, pour, and then voila - chocolate bars! They'll set you up with the skills to actually make bean-to-bar chocolate at home with your own equipment, as well as an extensive tasting of their chocolates.

Plus, you'll go home with a bag of your own mini dark chocolates, an understanding of cacao origins and flavor profiles, and bean-to-bar chocolate making, not to mention happy, chocolatey memories...

Your $49 Hand-Churned Chocolate Ice Cream Making Class (a $95 Value) Includes:

  • Admission to Raaka's Hand-Churned Chocolate Ice Cream Making Class, offered on Thursdays from 6:00pm-8:00pm & Sundays from 4:00pm-6:00pm.
  • Guided Instruction of the Ins & Outs of making Raaka's exquisite ice creams.
  • Hands-On Combining & Churning of the Ingredients using traditional methods & tools.
  • A Choice of Add-Ons, like Chocolate Chips, Crushed Waffle Cone Pieces, and more.
  • A Chocolate Tasting while you wait for your ice cream to reach peak temperature.
  • 2 Take-Home Pints of Your Delicious Creations.

Your $59 Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Class (a $109 Value) Includes:

  • Admission to Raaka's Bean to Bar Chocolate Making Class, offered on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 2:00pm-5:00pm.
  • Guided Instruction on Creating Raaka's Award-Winning Chocolate Bars.
  • An Extensive Tasting of the Chocolates Made At Raaka.
  • A Bag of Your Own Mini Dark Chocolates to Take Home.
  • Learn the Skills to Make Bean to Bar Chocolate at Home With Your Own Equipment.

New Yorkers are loco about Raaka's cocoa, giving Raaka Chocolate 5 stars from 100+ reviews including:

  • "Got a pulsd for the chocolate making class and was very impressed. You really get to learn all of the details of how they make their chocolate and the history of how they got started. Then you get to pour and flavor 3 of your own bars, which alone are worth the price of admission."

  • "I did the chocolate-making class that includes a tour of the factory. It was a really great experience... We learned all about chocolate, and we even made our own chocolate bars. Plus got to taste samples and develop our taste buds a bit!"

  • "Came here for a tour and to make chocolate bars... The guy who gave the tour was very informative and knew his chocolate. There were a total of 6 people in our tour and everyone seemed like they had a good time. I ate so much chocolate. This place is a must."

Raaka Chocolate's Website | Yelp | Classes

The Fine Print
  • May purchase as many classes as you like for personal use or for gifting.

  • Ice Cream Classes run Thursdays from 6pm-8pm & Sundays from 4pm-6pm; Chocolate Making Classes run Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays from 2pm-5pm.

  • Expires on Thursday November 23, 2023.