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Up To 40% Off New York Times-Applauded Aerial Yoga Classes, Flatiron

A regularly applauded feature in The New York Times, Om Factory is celebrated for its Aerial Yoga - a revolutionary practice that combines yoga poses with aerial acrobatics & conditioning exercises for the ultimate mixture of restoration and calorie burning, equally promoting strength, health & flexibility in ways you never imagined.

Grab your $149 pulse (a $250 value) for Unlimited Monthly Classes [Eligible for Aerial Yoga and Off-Peak Classes]. From your first class, you'll learn how to properly position the hammock on your body to receive ideal support in a variety of positions while you develop increased body awareness, strength and endurance. In just one class, burn 300+ calories, having a blast while you tone, lengthen, and sculpt lean muscles.

Commit to transformation with this $229 pulse (a $385 value) for 10 Classes. As your technique improves with every class, you'll discover how to integrate more flips & cirque into your already established aerial yoga practice, while also adding exciting new tricks into your aerial skillset. Each session will strengthen your mind, body, and spirit!

Utilizing ancient yoga techniques and strong, supportive, colorful hammocks, you'll work up a sweat, smile, and stretch, creating the body of your dreams while discovering your new favorite workout.

It's time to bring your yoga practice to new heights...


In 2006, Om Factory was born out of the dust & debris of a windowless factory in New York City’s Garment District. Since their humble beginnings, they expanded to Union Square and further afield with the opening of their first sister studio in Asia — Om Factory Korea. They've continued to flourish abroad, opening studios in Hanoi, Taipei, Bangkok, and Kuala Lumpur.

The late Faramarz was OM Factory's founder, designer, and architect. A Persian native, Faramarz did his schooling in Switzerland, where he received his post-graduate diploma in architecture & product design, and at the University of Oregon, where he received his Master of Architecture degree. His teachings have inspired the next generation, who will pass on his skills & knowledge on to you!

Their Union Square locale acts as a home for yogis & aerialists far-and-wide, thanks owed to their empowering, motivating, and highly-trained teachers. Whether you're a beginner or a skilled aerialist, you'll feel right as home as you are safely guided through mastering yoga on the colorful hanging hammocks.

Experience a revitalizing fusion of traditional yoga postures interwoven with the exhilarating art of aerial acrobatics and dynamic conditioning exercises. It will redefine your fitness journey, cultivating strength, enhancing health, and unlocking newfound levels of flexibility that transcend - think self-discovery and physical strength that will elevate your practice.

Twist, twist, stretch, and sculpt, torching calories while relieving stress, building a strong core, and elongating muscles for a lean, lengthy physique. And if you don't believe us, take it from the critics at The New York Times, Harper's Bazaar, MTV, and The Today Show!

With 40+ classes offered 7 days a week from early until late, there's no excuse to miss out. You may check out the full class schedule here:

Om Factory shines with a dazzling 4.4 Stars on Google from 95+ reviews including:

  • "I went to my first aerial yoga class yesterday. It was amazing. Barbara was a great teacher. She made me feel comfortable. She was great at cueing and explaining each pose and was great at encouraging us. Highly recommend."

  • "Om Factory is truly an oasis in a city. Coming in with minimal upper body strength and a fear of heights, always made sure I [and the rest of his students] always feel safe and supported while learning skill level-appropriate flows. I was instantly hooked - a year and a half layer, I have never felt so strong. My body enjoys its "reset" from sitting slouched in office chairs, loosening joints in a non-impact way and boosts my mental health to make it through the week. Don't know where I'd be without this wonderful group of humans."

  • "The teachers & staff are always super friendly and helpful. I frequently go to this studio for different classes."

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  • May purchase 1 voucher for personal use and unlimited for gifting.

  • 10 Pack expires 90 days after activation.

  • New clients only.

  • Expires Friday September 13, 2024. Voucher must be activated by this date.