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60% Off 5 Star Yelp Rated Boutique Yoga Classes, West Village & Williamsburg

Celebrated by The New York Times, Vogue, Refinery 29, & Elle, Modo Yoga NYC, located both in the heart of the West Village and Williamsburg, will help you find balance, sculpt lean muscle, and de-stress in a tranquil setting, heated for extra calorie burn & detoxification!

Grab your $39 pulse (a $96 value) for 3 Classes. Take your pick from 10+ class styles, each taking place within a natural light-filled studio, heated to 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit with 45-65% humidity. The heat will make you sweat out impurities & shed excess water weight, also deepening your movements for a more effective practice.

Completely transform your body, mind, and spirit with the $99 pulse (a $275 value) for 1 Month of Unlimited Classes. Try a few or try them all, reaping the multitude of benefits and delighting in amenities like private lockers, fully equipped showers, and high quality Manduka studio gear for rent.

Called one of "the most successful" yoga studios by The New York Times, Modo Yoga NYC will welcome you no matter what level you are in your yoga journey, so don't hesitate - head to Modo for an experience that is sure to leave you feeling calm, fit, inspired...

Modo Yoga NYC
434 6th Avenue
(212) 780-9642

Yoga builds strength and flexibility. It also makes you more aware of your breath, which ultimately helps to relax and calm the body and mind. People who practice regularly often notice that they are happier, have better focus, and are more able to handle the stresses of everyday life.

At Modo Yoga NYC, you can expect an array of classes, all heated, that will help practitioners at any level accomplish their goals, be it stress reduction, tension release, detoxification, strengthening, conditioning, endurance, mobility, and flexibility, just to name a few.

Applauded by the celebrities and the likes of Marie Claire & Vogue, Modo Yoga NYC's teachers will go above and beyond to guide you through each class, giving you modifications or more advanced alternatives to achieve an effective practice that will have you feeling that coveted head-to-toe yoga glow.

And with all the amenities you need (think lockers, showers, hair ties, water), all you have to bring is yourself, a mat, and a bottle of water - or buy one there!

With multiple class styles, over 90+ classes 7 days a week at two NYC locations, and tons of daily class times to choose from, you can zen out no matter your schedule...

  • Modo - An accessible yet challenging sequence. All-levels, foundational class practiced in a heated room. Focuses on strength building and alignment. Designed to improve mobility and flexibility through a set sequence of postures while calming the mind and reducing stress through breathing exercises.

  • Modo Flow - A vinyasa based class where the postures are linked with breath creating a fluid, beautiful and meditative practice. The three Modo Flow sequences are designed to increase flexibility, strengthen and tone the muscles and challenge the cardiovascular system.

  • Freestyle Flow - A challenging and innovative vinyasa flow. Integrates breath, movement, strength, flexibility and balance while challenging the cardiovascular system. Although Freestyle Flow classes might introduce some more advanced postures, it remains accessible to all.

  • Core Flow - A challenging Vinyasa class that blends core strengthening exercises and yoga. While the core work progresses and becomes more challenging throughout, the asana practice utilizes the engaged muscle groups or works to counter and open up what was working.

  • Yang Yin - This class is all about balance. The first section of class (Yang) is a challenging and invigorating flow sequence followed by long holds in the floor series to truly and fully relax your body and mind (Yin). Accessible to all levels, you’ll feel amazing after this one!

  • Yin - A slower, more meditative practice that uses longer holds to target deep connective tissues like fascia, ligaments and joints. This class is challenging mentally and may challenge you physically with unfamiliar shapes but feels as wonderful as a restorative practice.

  • Modo + Modo Flow Love - An accessible community class. Classes are either Modo or Modo Flow, making them accessible to all levels.

  • Live Music Karma Classes - A class accompanied by live tunes! Classes feature local musicians and proceeds support our karma initiatives.

  • Soundbath - An evening of sound healing. An ancient practice focused on allowing the body’s energy to restore itself to its natural state of peace and ease.

  • Take Flight - A playful and uplifting flow class infused with arm balancing and inversions. The class is geared toward the practitioner looking to find a complete body, mind and breath connection, not only right side up but also upside down!

  • Restore & Reset - A gentle restorative class that combines yoga, meditation and the healing energetic touch of reiki. The perfect combination to allow your body and mind to surrender and relax.

You may check out the full class schedule here.

Modo Yoga NYC garners a stupendous 5 Stars on Yelp from 170+ reviews including:

  • "Overall rating: 5/5. This was honestly such a nice experience. It was the most relaxed I was after a class! Once you walk in, you are greeted by extremely nice workers! Areas to hang your jackets, store your shoes, bathrooms, lockers, etc! The windows were from the ceiling to the floor and I loved the natural light."

  • "One if the best places for hot yoga. I have tried quite a few and this is far one of the best studios. Amazing teachers, great atmosphere, I have been hooked - have been going here for almost a year. Highly recommend it."

  • "I've had such wonderful, heartfelt yoga practices here. I started doing Modo 2-3 years ago. I encourage anyone who is new to yoga, to jump right in. This is a place where you will always feel warm and welcomed. Yummy tea, kind staff. I heart modo!"

Valid at the following Modo Yoga NYC locations:

  1. West Village: 434 6th Ave Floor #2, New York, NY 10011. Tel: (212) 780-9642.
  2. Williamsburg: 109 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249. Tel: (347) 889-7248.

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