Kissaki Sushi Bowery
$119: 10 Course Omakase Feast For 2 + Sake, Beers In Bowery (a $190 value)

Immerse yourself in the distinguished air of Kissaki Sushi, an acclaimed winner of the Michelin Plate Award. This Bowery jewel equally finds itself lauded by The New York Times, thanks to its ability to seamlessly marry Japanese culinary heritage with contemporary innovation.

Grab your $119 pulse (a $190 value) for a 10 Course Omakase Feast For Two that includes Two 10-Course Omakase Dinners with 2 Chef's Selection Appetizers, 16 Nigiri Pieces, and 2 Soups, as well as 2 Glasses of House Sake, Beers, or Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Admire the modern, chic ambiance and be wowed as sushi mastery and artistic flair converge. Led by the seasoned hands of Executive Chef Edgar Valerio (formerly of the renowned Michelin-starred establishment Jewel Bako) Kissaki promises to embolden your palate and exceed your expectations.

Cozy yet minimalist decor sets the stage for the main attraction: the intimate sushi counter, where the omakase showcases hyper-seasonality for peak freshness. Past standouts have included divine Kobe Beef, buttery Scallop in White Truffle Sauce, and dreamy Uni garnished with Caviar.

Prepare yourself - this night will whisk you away from the hustle & bustle and into a Tokyo fantasy...


At Kissaki Sushi, you'll unearth the sea's treasures, one exquisite bite at a time. Your feast will be under the masterful guidance of Executive Chef Edgar Valerio, whose expertise spans over two decades in the art of Japanese cuisine, including training at esteemed Michelin-starred establishments such as Jewel Bako. So what are you waiting for? The Bowery is calling, so answer it quickly!

What sets Kissaki apart from other sushi establishments in its Fishery and Wildlife License, which gives them a unique advantage when it comes to sourcing Uni, Caviar, and an array of pristine fish directly from Japan, as well the ability to collaborate with fishermen spanning from California to Gloucester Bay. This approach ensures unparalleled freshness, meaning next-level depth of flavor.

Chef Edgar Valerio's culinary prowess shines as he orchestrates a presentation of greatness that embraces ingenuity while honoring tradition. Each dish embodies his vision, culminating in a uniquely tantalizing omakase endeavor that unfolds with every course.

Cuddle up to a date or revel with pals as you sit at the counter, letting your senses ascend to new heights. While you're at it, tipple accordingly, taking your pick from a selection of crisp sake and effervescent beers.

Witness the brilliance & artistry of Chef Valerio's blade as it glides effortlessly through the freshest cuts of fish, exposing the most succulent pieces that will make your taste buds swoon. Whether its wagyu tartare or lean tuna, every bite invites you to embrace a bewitching moment of oceanic indulgence.

A delectable odyssey awaits, so hop aboard and let your senses take the wheel...

All selections will be made from the restaurant's full dinner menu.

Your $119 10 Course Omakase Feast For Two (a $190 value) Includes:

  • Two 10-Course Omakase Dinner Feasts (an $80 value each):
    • 2 Chef's Selection Appetizers.
    • 16 Nigiri Pieces.
    • 2 Soups.
  • 2 Glasses of House Sake, Beers, or Non-Alcoholic Drinks (up to a $15 value each).

Kissaki Sushi earns an amazing 4.2 Stars on Yelp from 255+ reviews including:

  • "I've been a loyal patron of Kissaki Bowery since its opening, and I'm here to tell you, it remains unrivaled as the best omakase experience in NYC, bar none. Each visit to Kissaki is an adventure. The attention to detail, the freshness of the ingredients, and the subtle complexities of flavors in these dishes set the stage for what is always an extraordinary dining experience."

  • "I recently made a visit to Kissaki and this was my second time dining in for their omakase experience. It's safe to say that the second visit was even better than the first. The sushi chef as well as the server that took care of us throughout the meal were both so sweet and attentive. Each piece was very delicious and the fish quality without a doubt was very fresh. Would recommend paying a visit for a date night or just with a friend if you're ever craving sushi!"

  • "I came here for a date and the omakase was really delicious. The fish seemed to be of great quality. The service was very attentive and they seemed to pay attention to every little detail within the restaurant. Everything was beautiful! It was such a great experience!"

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  • Tax & tip not included; reservation is required.

  • Multiple vouchers may be combined for larger groups.

  • Menu may change as Kissaki has a seasonal Omakase Menu.

  • Valid only at Bowery location.

  • Expires on Friday October 4, 2024.