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Our philosophy and main goal here is to provide and experience of comfort and satisfaction. We take pride in our costumer service and really enjoy it, at our core, making costumers look great and, most of all, confident. We set time for consultation to evaluate the aspects, and understand the concerns in our costumers to develop a proper process and treatments to achieve results. People that come to us represent more then an obligation for a packaged deal like many other competitors do. We guarantee that. Give us a call or visited our website for more information. We look forward to make accentuate your beautiful Experience the Best Infrared Sauna Slim Up Has to Offer! You may have read on our detoxification page that the average person has over 91 cancer causing chemicals trapped in their body at any given time… One way to get rid of some of those toxins (especially heavy metals like mercury) is to use a full spectrum infrared sauna.